The first ‘night market’ in Wroclaw today

Wrocław has its own “night market”. Gastro Night races take place this weekend.

Świebodzki Railway Station is an amazing property in the very center of Wroclaw.

By the 1990s, it functioned as an active railway station, and after that the town was deactivated and leased to various service stations. Legendary Senso club.


Currently, one of the scenes of the Polish Theater and the Wagon music club are operating successfully. The beautiful historic site and platforms every Sunday serve the semi-market market in Świebodzkie. Generally sited on smaller initiatives, the building has long deteriorated and the inhabitants do not fully benefit from its potential.


A new idea to revive this space is Gastro Nocki, which will be held throughout the summer season.

A regular, well-organized bazaar with an emphasis on the gastronomy zone is taking off on the first weekend of August. There will be restaurant stalls all over Wroclaw, food trucks, various ointment artists, craftsmen, designers, tattoo artists, barbarians and florists. Gastro Night will have several thematic areas: the music where DJs will play; Natural, where you will be able to rest and enjoy the green and design, where there will be brandy associated with fashion, interiors and lifestyle. Opening of 4th and 5th of August. Start at 5:00 pm, finale at 1:00.


For more attractions, the organizers will keep you updated on  FB Gastro Nocek.

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