Here’s a collection of the websites which offer 2D cut-outs of people for architectural renderings. Very often we struggle to find these cutouts and end up making our own which consumes a lot of time. here are these 10 websites which offer for commercial and non-commercial use for the perspective renderings.

10 – Díaz Paunetto | Group Cutouts

Most of the cutouts are people in a group hanging around together or busy in some activity. Free high-resolution Cut-out People brought to you by the DPA Team.

09 – MrCutout | People | Cars | Objects | Animals

Finish your image in minutes. Daily cut-out library for architects, interior designers and 3D graphic designers. A wide variety of cut-outs in png format is available which is updated regularly. Its also available for commercial use.

08 – RonenBekerman | Very Large Group of People

Cutouts on this website comes with a premade shadow layer, which is unique. RonenBekerman is a source of learning on all aspects of 3d architectural visualization.


07 – Kaleidoscope | Lationo | Blacks | Asians

Kaleidoscope has the most diversified collection of people cut-outs. You’ll get a variety of people suitable to your context or location of the project.

06– Cut Out Life | Includes Asian And Indian Cutouts

Cutouts from around the world, from Indonesia, South Africa, Bangladesh, Japan, China, Germany to, to France, Iran, Singapore, the USA, Korea, Spain, Turkey, Uganda, Thailand, your home country. The cutouts are free for all uses.

05 – Escalatina | Cutout Of South American

They dedicated their efforts in creating cutouts of people living in South America. It also comes with a Llama cutout.

4 – Just Nøt the Same | African American | Commercial Use

Just not the same has a diversified collection of people which includes African American also. It’s available for the commercial use. One may find it fit for the use depending on the site of the project.

03 – Nonscandinavia | Cutouts And Silhouettes Style | None Commercial Use

Nonscandinavia is an attempt to increase diversity in architectural representation through the provision of free, high-res, cut out people of all kinds. Most of these images have not been licensed for commercial use, and depict everyday people, not models.

02 – Skalgubbar | For Commercial Use

Skalgubbar is free to use for anyone who wants to bring their visualizations of unbuilt architecture to life. For students as well as for commercial use.

01 – Jugaad Renders | Cutouts of Indian People

Access to a collection of Indian cutout people, showcasing the diversity of the Indian subcontinent, adding an actual contextual reference to your renders. Jugaad Render is a free to use resource for architects and architecture students to bring their visualizations of unbuilt architecture to life in the Indian context.



  1. Hello RTF,

    Thanks a lot for featuring less than a week old Jugaad Render. 🙂

    However, the link to the website is broken at the moment.. Would be easy for readers if you could fix it. 😀

    • Rethinking The Future Reply

      Thanks for letting us know about the issue. Link has been updated. Keep up the good work.

  2. I found a super diverse set of cutout people including massive groups of people, aerial shots and more…

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