Often used together, the terms art and architecture are precisely correlated. Art signifies the ingenious and creative aspect and architecture is an exquisite blend of this aspect with a sense of empirical notions. Art is what one uses to express. One may rightly say architecture is tiny yet a vital part of the art. Art I may say, creates a culture, gives rise to society. 

The influence of art in the history of architecture
Reconstruction of the Acropolis and the Areopagus in Athens, painted by Leo von Klenze in 1846 @Wikipedia

Let’s take a walk by the memory lane, it was not until the rise of the 19th century that art and architecture were categorized differently. They were considered as a whole. As I said earlier, architecture is an element of art or may I dare say, it is an art form. Until now it is a debatable topic whether architecture is an art form or not. There are people who feel architecture is their expression of art and there exists a set of individuals who look at architecture as of structural and construction interest. For me, architecture is a form of art that is influenced by several other art forms. This has been happening throughout history and will keep happening in forthcoming years too!

Coming to the influence of art in the history of architecture, art is enormous and cannot be constrained in words. Thus, the term influence. In the 20th century, there came a revolution, one may call, where it was the art, more precisely the paintings, sculptures that started influencing architecture. Ever since then, it is the ultimate truth that art has an enormous impact on architecture.

At the same time, art also may be influenced by the bygone culture and culture significantly affects architecture. Art is often the expression of the artist used to express their feelings, many times the culture and its heritage is expressed in the art. If we take a look at the history, culture and heritage form a major topic of interest for the artists. These arts have enabled architecture during the period in a metaphysical way.

History has witnessed an enormous amount of phenomenal art taking place. It was inevitable of not having it impacting other art forms. Architecture is a language used to describe a lot! People die, a crown may fall off, the dynasty may collapse but it is the architecture that stays. Thus, it is for architecture to showcase the richness, heritage and beauty.

If we talk more specifically about the history of architecture and the influence of art on it, we have plenty of examples where the architects have admitted to having taken the influence of some specific art.

In the ancient period, it was architects like Michelangelo who did take the inspiration of art in the form of paintings and used it in his design.

If you want a more of a recent architect, it is Antoni Gaudi who has taken insight from varied arts and created masterpieces in architecture.

Both these people have their mark in history! It is for people like them who have tried and thought of separating the two—art and architecture.

When the art and architecture were thought of separately, it is then for us to inculcate influence.

If one studies the most dynamic structures in the history of architecture, it can easily be understood that every minute and tiniest thing in there had art in it. Art formed the spirit of the structures. It was for the artistic elements and detailing which made that architecture stand out. I firmly believe there’s no architecture without art in it! Art is what gets lived in the structure; it is for the art entity which formed the concept and form of some magnificent structures.

But, in a wider perspective art has its influence over architecture but is not architecture. Art does not just form the base of architecture but forms the base of every inventive thing that exists. Art is why we feel alive. Imagine a world without art, a world without the paintings, sculptures, a world without the expressions of minds, that would be no less than a nightmare, wouldn’t it? Art is an escape we humans need to think about. Coming to architecture, you cannot speculate architecture without art, can you? 

Art gets architecture alive. There have been greatest of greatest people talk about art and its influence over architecture and it is quite clear that there’s a great and immense impact of art in architecture and I suppose that’s the beauty of all of it. One can never understand art but one can absorb a small amount from art and then add its essence in their own creation like it’s a legacy which is to be carried ahead by us, all of us. How beautiful is this? The very thought of this is fulfilling and brings joy to me. Art has its influence on architecture and will continue to have so until the very end.


A 20 y/o architecture student, an anxious omnivert and a selenophile who is fascinated by the beauty of the universe. Purva finds peace in reading and solace in writing.Architecture to her isn’t mere just a profession but the best exquisiteness prevailing.Perhaps that’s the reason we’re finding her here!