When Ed Sheeran isn’t serenading his fans with his soothing sound, he’s relaxing at his palatial 5 million worth of estate in Suffolk. It’s quite a sight to behold. Ed Sheeran has millions of fans, and many more are obsessed with the redheaded songster, so it’s no wonder he’s worth about 160 million dollars. He has used his fabulous wealth to buy some fantastic properties, but the coolest holding in his real estate portfolio is undoubtedly Ed Sheeran house located in the British countryside a few short hours from London. His magnificent property is located near the sleepy little market town of Framlingham in the county of Suffolk. It has everything a world-famous celebrity could want. 

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It’s a breathtaking property surrounded by nothing but open sheep fields and old castles. Sheeran’s neighbours have dubbed the lavish pad Sheeranville, and some have even raised concerns about his renovations over the years. Sheeran keeps adding to this fabulous compound, and it’s now worth about 5 million US dollars. It’ll likely be worth even more shortly as Sheeran has big plans for his home. Walt Disney once said Disneyland will never be completed; one could say the same about Sheeranville. He keeps buying up surrounding buildings and adding new features to the compound. Sheeranville is actually located close to where Sheeran grew up. He’s very sentimental about the area, so he is likely to never move or sell the massive estate. Sheeran probably envisioned something truly magnificent when he bought Sheeranville’s first farmhouse in 2012. 

In the 18th century, Suffolk had a boom in inventive architectural concepts as several designers advanced the “traditional” timber frame construction style by creatively combining new materials. This resulted in the construction of some stunning and distinctive buildings in the area. The Bungalows in Sheerenville are significant examples of this traditional timber and brick construction, with some modifications tailored to satisfy the present-day contemporary architecture requirements.

The Wynneys Hall | Ed Sheeran House 

Five main houses make up Sheeranville – two are farmhouses, one a bungalow and two are standard four-bedroom homes. The first building that Sheeran purchased on site was a six-bedroom bungalow built in the 16th century. Wynneys Hall is the premises’ most prominent and largest house and serves as Sheeran’s primary residence. The singer shelled out 1.1 million for the historic building in 2012 and then proceeded to buy up as many of the surrounding properties as he could, summing up to a total of  4.2 million dollars so far.

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Other Bungalows

In 2016 he purchased the 4-bedroom Sunnyside house, and in 2017 he bought the quaint Chestnuts bungalow. It’s much smaller than most of the houses in the compound, but Sheeran likely has big plans for this tiny bungalow. In 2019 Sheeran purchased the Poplars, a 4-bedroom home worth 1.16 million and it’s located directly behind Wynneys hall. At this rate, he could end up buying all of Framlingham. Sheeranville has so many houses that Sheeran’s friends could all live comfortably in the compound.

The Tree House | Ed Sheeran House

This is no ordinary tree house. Sure it’s not as big as the compound’s main farmhouse, but this one is much bigger than any conventional tree house. It is 26 ft by 26 ft and consists of a living room, study area and visual room. It offers Ed and his friends a gorgeous view of the surrounding farmland, along with rows and pastures extending to the farthest possible point. It can easily be mistaken for a timber version of one of the Disney Castles in terms of visual style. 

The Garage

Sheeran needs a place to park his stunning Aston Martin DB9 when he stays at his country home; hence, there’s a four-car garage on site. It used to be an old barn, but now it’s converted into a garage to store his luxury autos. This garage still looks like a barn, so it blends in perfectly with the surroundings.

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The Wildlife Pond

One field over from the compound is a 669-thousand-dollar wildlife pond. It’s a perfect place for the ducks and geese to rest before heading south for the winter. A wooden caravan along the wildlife pond had to be removed because it was being used as a sauna and the local government wasn’t okay with it.

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Lancaster Lock

The singer’s favourite creation so far is Lancaster Lock. In quintessential British fashion, Sheeran added a pub to his compound. However, this isn’t any ordinary pub. Lancaster Lock used to be a historic building, but Sheeran converted the old hovel into a swanky brew house complete with a 6 ft wide underground tunnel leading to the premises’ main house. This pub has numerous underground rooms, including a 35 ft by 20 ft cinema.

If Ed wants to sneak out of bed at night and head to Lancaster Lock for a drink, he can do so without disturbing a soul. A fun fact about Lancaster Lock is that he named it after his wife, Sherry Lancaster Seaborn.

Sheeran had to fight with the town council to keep a 16 ft high pub sign on Lancaster Lock. He didn’t have permission to hang the sign, but the authorities allowed it after some negotiation. It does seem like the pub is the best part of Sheeranville because the singer has even more plans for Lancaster Lock. Plans have been made to add an outdoor kitchen to the pub, completed with a 4.5 ft high terracotta chimney pizza oven and two large barbecues. Looks like Lancaster Lock is about to become a gastropub.

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A modern extension

Eventually, he added some fancy features to the main house to make it even more enjoyable. This modern extension was almost like building an entirely new home. Attached to the main farmhouse is an addition that features an indoor pool with a changing room and seating area. Sheeran also added a state-of-the-art gym. 

Garden area | Ed Sheeran House

In front of the main farmhouse is a beautiful garden filled with shrubs, flowers and a topiary. The stunning garden likely serves as an inspiration for soothing melodies. It mostly takes an organic form to cut the rigid geometry of the existing English bungalow.

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The Man cave

Sheeran’s main farmhouse features another addition that his friends have dubbed the man cave – hobbit hole. What makes it so extraordinary? It is undoubtedly not some basement with a few recliners and a big-screen tv. This man cave has a recording studio, a jacuzzi and a billiards room

Prayer hall | Ed Sheeran House

Sheeran is entirely spiritual, which explains why he plans a massive prayer hall on his compound. The pop star has plans to build a private place of retreat for contemplation, prayer and celebration. The prayer hall would be used for prime life and family milestones, social gatherings, marriages and christenings. The giant prayer hall will be shaped like an ark.

Sheeran hired the best in the business to design his epic place of worship. The architectural firm behind this unique building is Donald Insall Associates. This firm has held a reputation for impressive buildings over the years, and the company even worked on the 1992 restoration of Windsor castle.

Initially designed as an Anglo-Saxon-style chapel with a 48 ft tower, the council squashed those plans. Sheeran wanted to marry his wife in the wedding chapel, but officials ruled the proposed Saxon-style round tower would create unsatisfactory visual impacts.

Concept Render_©Donald Insall Associates Ltd
Architect’s plans_©Donald Insall Associates Ltd
Shaped like Noah’s Ark_©Donald Insall Associates Ltd

Some of his other property 

As impressive as Sheeranville is, it’s not the only part of Sheeran’s massive real estate empire. He owns numerous homes in London, which he rents out for passive income. Your rent cheque might be used to fund his sprawling estate if you live in one of Sheeran’s London apartments.

Sheeran’s real estate portfolio is worth more than 56 million dollars. He has 18 total houses in the London area and owns a restaurant in Notting hill.

In typical fashion, Sheeran bought the flat above his Notting Hill restaurant after locals complained he was throwing loud parties at the dining establishment. That’s one way to solve the problem!

Sheeran also owns two flats near Shoreditch worth 2 million dollars. Six apartments in Hammersmith are worth a total of 7.5 million, three homes in Holland Park worth about 10.2 million and two houses in Chiswick are worth approximately 4.9 million.

Home in Notting Hill | Ed Sheeran House

If Sheeran gets bored of his country house in Framlingham, he can always stay in his lavish Notting Hill mansion. The luxury property is worth about 26.4 million and features a modern kitchen with stunning matte white cabinets, integrated ovens, marble worktops and splashbacks and an island unit for extra food preparation and storage space. The 8 300 sq ft mansion boasts 8 bedrooms, a theatre, bar, staff bedroom and a swimming pool.

The singer and his wife spend a lot of time here when they’re not relaxing at their empire in Suffolk, and of course, Sheeran started buying the surrounding properties next to his Notting Hill mansion as well.

Restaurant in Notting Hill_©Bertie Blossoms

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