Underwater and space have been man’s dream since time immemorial. His eager adventures to explore these vast expanses have never died down. They have managed to awe us with spectacular and breathtaking visuals and events. Life began in water and evolved moving onto land. The higher-order species evolved to live on land rather than water. With the increasing population and scarcity of land, the need to look for alternatives is crucial. Though space colonies have been proposed and are being worked on. Their feasibility and success rate remains of high concern. With 71% of the earth’s surface is covered with water, it becomes one of the sensible options for expanding the housing network. While the practicality of underwater colonies is still under a layer of doubt, there have been multiple attempts to unravel what lies deep down and these experiments are nothing less than a spectacular getaway. Let us take a look at some projects that have managed to give us a glimpse of what lies deep below and unleash the Aqua-man or Mermaid hidden in us.

Jules Undersea Lodge, Porto Rica

Jules Undersea Lodge, earlier La Chalupa Research facility lies 30 feet below sea level off the coast of Porto Rica. This research lab turned guest house was developed by Neil Monney and Ian Koblick with over 50 years of their studies and research. It was named in honour of Jules Verne, author of “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”. The form is a combination of two capsule cylinder with a cuboidal space sandwiched in between. Don’t be shocked to see a diver deliver you a pizza in the middle of the night, it is one of the most sought-after specialty of Jules. A dive through the tropical mangrove habitat through the Emerald Lagoon is how you reach this place. A stay at the Jules lodge gives you the honour of spending the night with the marine life, an experience not many can lay hands on. Jules lodge is set to cherish all your fantasies from “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”.

Jules Undersea Lodge -1
The special Pizza Delivery at Jules Undersea Lodge. Source_telegraph.co.uk
Jules Undersea Lodge -2
The bedroom and the circular window inside Jules Undersea Lodge. Source_medium.com
Jules Undersea Lodge -3
Interiors of Jules Undersea Lodge. Source_tripadvisor.in

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

Ithaa translates to mother of pearl in the local language of Maldives, Dhivehi. This exquisite underwater restaurant lies 5 meters below the sea level with a spectacular view of the ocean life due to its transparent roof and 270-degree glass treatment. Part of the Conrad Hotels in the Maldives, this restaurant gives you the golden opportunity to savour seafood all the while enclosed by sea beings. A winding staircase leads you to this wing of the resort rendering all feels of Alice jumping down the rabbit hole. The sleek and classy dining area can also be rented out as a bedroom. The entire structure was put together in Singapore and brought down via ship and sunk onto steel supports. Ithaa is the jewel in the crown of Conrad Hotels which sets it apart from a range of more than 1000 hotels in this tourist favourite island.

Ithaa, Conrad -1
Aerial view of Ithaa. Source_conradmaldives.com
Ithaa, Conrad -2
Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in Conrad Maldives. Source_ conradmaldives.com
Ithaa, Conrad3
Private Dining at Ithaa. Source_ conradmaldives.com

Subsix, Maldives

Taking the spirit of clubbing to yet another level, we have the Subsix Underwater bar and Nightclub in the Maldives. Part of the Niyama Maldives, this clubbing spot will sweep you off the floor at a depth of 6 meters below the Indian Ocean. The sea theme and the interiors are key features of this project that will leave you wanting for more. This clam-shaped retro bar is also well known for its mood lighting with Italian designed abstract chandeliers that take you through a gush of lavender to late-night blues. The furniture pieces are yet another attraction of this underwater lounge which is bound to imprint a lasting memory.

Subsix, Niyama -1
Aerial view of Niyama Maldives. Source_ dreamingofmaldives.com
Subsix, Niyama -2
Interiors of Niyama’s Subsix. Source_dreamingofmaldives.com
Subsix, Niyama -3
Underwater Restro Bar at Maldives Niyama – Subsix. Source_dreamingofmaldives.com

Floating Seahorse Villa, Dubai

Designed by Kleindienst GroupD, the Floating Seahorse Villa is situated in ‘The Heart of Europe’ Islands in Dubai Bay. A luxurious range of residential units of which 40 have been handed over, this residence extends itself from the definition of extravagance. These units are a part of ‘The World’, an archipelago of 300 man-made islets 4km off the shore of Dubai. These luxury floating villas with a submerged bedroom and bath were both challenging and interesting for a country like UAE. As one descends the stairs to reach the underwater bedroom, you are welcomed into a completely different world painted in shades of blue.

Seahorse, Dubai -1
The view from the submerged bedroom in Seahorse Villas.
Seahorse, Dubai -2
Floating Seahorse Villas on the shore of Dubai. Source_gulfnews.com
Seahorse, Dubai -3
The exquisite exteriors and interiors of Dubai’s Seahorse Villas. Source_nypost.com

Atlantis, Sanya, China

The Neptune and the Poseidon suites of Atlantis in Sanya in China are yet another set of breathtaking suites underwater. With splendid views into the Ambassador lagoon with a marine population of 86000. This is the first Atlantis venture in China. The calmness and serenity of this place are other add ons. The interiors have been worked out on sea themes. The shoals of reef fish who often pay a visit are bound to blow your minds. You might wake up to a school of colourful fish the next morning. The floor to ceiling windows ensure that you do not miss a shark or a stingray.

Atlantis, Sanya -1
The interior of teh Poseidon Suite in Atlantis China. Source_atlantis.com
Atlantis, Sanya -2
The Lounge at Atlantis China. Source_kohler.design
Atlantis, Sanya -3
The Neptune suite at Atlantis China. Source_atlantis.com

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