6. Palace of Inquisition

Cartagena in earlier times was a Spanish trade center and had the military power during the Colonial era. So, it was obvious to have an inquisition space, which acted as a tool to enforce the power of the Spanish church and Catholic crown in the city. The construction of this building was completed in the year 1770 and acts as a museum now. One part of the museum exhibits the history of the city and the other part exhibits on the inquisition along with some torture devices used.

Palace of Inquisition -1
Palace of Inquisition; Source: Stefan Krasowski/www.flickr.com
Palace of Inquisition -2
Artifacts from Palace of Inquisition

7. Plaza De Los Coches

This plaza has a triangular layout just behind the Puerta Del Reloj. This place was once used as a market for enslaved people. The view of the projecting old balconies and the arcaded walkway is definitely a visual treat with bright shades of colors used. The arcaded walkaways are known as El Portal De Los Dulces and are lined with hawkers selling amazing local sweets. In the middle of the plaza, acting as a focal point is a statue of Pedro de Heredia – founder of the city.

Plaza De Los Coches -1
Plaza De Los Coches; Source: www.pinterest.com
Plaza De Los Coches -2
Plaza De Los Coches; Source: www.culturetrip.com

8. Las Bovedas 

Las Bovedas -The Vaults are bright yellow arched structures. The 23 bombproof vaults were built in the year 1795, designed by Antonio De Arebalo. The deep arcades in the walls were designed as storage vaults, but were used as prison cells during the civil wars in the 19th century; at high tide, the hapless captives were up to their knees in seawater. Breath-taking Caribbean Sea views are visible from the top structure. Today, Las Bovedas is a popular tourist attraction as it houses traditional Colombian merchandise shops and a vast array of perfect souvenirs.

Las Bovedas -1
Las Bovedas; Source: www.cartagenacolombiatravels.com
Las Bovedas -2
Shopping Zone at Las Bovedas; Source: Anita Calero

9. Museum of Modern Art

The Museo De Arte Modern De Cartagena de Indies is an institution for cultural activities and events since 1959. The building is in the old town near to Plaza San Pedro Claver. This modern art museum exhibits pieces of art from a variety of artists around the world and has a large collection of works from the Colombian artist Dario Morales.

Museum of Modern Art -1
Exterior, Museum of Modern Art; Source: www.imagenescartagena.es
Museum of Modern Art -2
Interior, Museum of Modern Art

10. Bolivar Plaza

This plaza is covered with greenery and it is one of the breezy, yet smallest plazas of the city, giving us a break from Caribbean heat. A statue of Simon Bolivar [political leader during the early 18th century] stands in the middle of the square. This plaza is quiet, although full of locals. In the plaza, during the evenings, small events take place such as singing and dancing for the crowds.

Places to visit in Cartagena-BolivarPlaza -1


Bolivar Plaza

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