Top-Notch Construction – Architects in Manila Philippines

Top-Notch Construction began its journey in 2009 as a humble renovation company, witnessing exponential growth in subsequent years. What initiated as a small-scale renovation firm swiftly evolved into a full-fledged residential and commercial contractor, expanding its horizons and scaling up its business operations remarkably.

The Visionaries Behind the Success

The brainchild of Engr. Ruben Quintal Jr. and Mrs. Donnabel Quintal, Top-Notch Construction was rooted in a profound belief in comprehensive planning and meticulous scheduling. Engr. Ruben Quintal Jr. realized early in his career that the crux of successful construction projects lies in detailed planning—a philosophy that laid the cornerstone of the company’s foundation. Over the years, this principle has been the driving force behind the firm’s success.

Dedication to Excellence

Top-Notch Construction attributes its continuous triumph to the unwavering dedication of its employees to delivering excellence. The team’s commitment to meticulous planning and execution, coupled with their relentless pursuit of improvement, sets the firm apart. Their goal isn’t just to be good at what they do; it’s about becoming the benchmark for excellence and garnering respect for their accomplishments.

Architectural Expertise

As an architectural firm, Top-Notch Construction boasts extensive expertise in designing a spectrum of residential and commercial buildings since its inception. Bolstered by a team of top-tier architects and fortified by years of experience, the firm consistently crafts building design solutions that exude elegance and uphold the highest standards of quality.

Crafting the Future

Top-Notch Construction’s journey has been a testament to its commitment to innovative and flexible design solutions while prioritizing sustainability. Embracing this ethos, the studio continues to shape the architectural landscape by creating structures that not only meet the present needs but also foresee the future demands of the industry.


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