The Grid Architects – Architects in Ahmedabad

Embracing a holistic design philosophy, The Grid Architects, founded by Snehal Suthar and Bhadri Suthar, stands as a testament to timeless architectural excellence and sustainability. Let’s delve into the ethos and achievements of this dynamic architectural studio.

Embracing Diversity in Design

The Grid Architects is a multidisciplinary firm encompassing diverse talents and experiences, fostering a committed team passionate about design excellence. Employing professionals from prestigious design schools, the firm boasts a collective experience of 15 years in architecture and interior design.

Spirituality in Design

For the founders, design is a spiritual journey intertwining energies of the universe with earthly elements. This approach resonates in their works, where wood, stone, metal, and greenery converge harmoniously. Their mandate for contextual design, eschewing transient trends for timeless aesthetics, underscores the commitment to simplicity and clarity in their creations.

Balancing Order and Innovation

While aiming for compelling and dynamic spaces, The Grid Architects strike a balance between clarity and thoughtful innovation. Their designs uphold integrity and quiet inventiveness, aiming for a delicate harmony between order and inventive expression, always maintaining their commitment to excellence.

Sustainable Unification of Diverse Projects

The firm’s portfolio spans various scales and typologies, including corporate spaces, residential communities, commercial complexes, educational institutes, hospitality, and private villas. A common thread unifies their work—sustainability. Environmental respect is ingrained in their designs, adhering to international standards, including those for differently-abled individuals.

Founders’ Vision and Commitment

Snehal Suthar, deeply engrossed in sustainable and creative designs, champions natural materials and inclusive design philosophies. He believes in collaborative design processes that engage stakeholders for a more inclusive outcome, emphasizing sensitivity in public space designs and addressing challenges faced by the physically challenged.

Bhadri Suthar, actively involved in universal design concepts, extends her creative pursuits into furniture and graphic design. Her commitment to the profession reflects in her academia engagement, nurturing young talents and breaking design boundaries in reputed institutes like NID and NIFT.


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