Team One India Pvt. Ltd – Architects in Hyderabad

Team One India Pvt. Ltd, led by the visionary Principal Architect and Managing Director, Sridhar Gopisetti, stands as an embodiment of architectural innovation infused with the essence of tradition. With a dynamic team, this studio takes pride in its dynamism across contemporary and classical design while maintaining an exceptional pace in project delivery.

Embracing Versatility in Design

At the core of Team One’s philosophy lies the convergence of engineering, infrastructure, and architecture. Each project commences from the ground up, focusing on the pivotal aspects for the client, the site, and its impact on the community. The studio thrives on exploring diverse solutions right from the project’s inception, extending through its organization, materials, and functional components.

Methodology: From Concept to Critique

The studio’s distinct approach involves a meticulous weekly design review, scrutinizing every facet of the project – from macro to micro. This continual critique and refinement process ensures that each design aspect is thoroughly analyzed and perfected, whether at a 1:500 scale or fine-tuning elements at 1:1 scale, ensuring functional efficacy at all levels.

Beyond Building Design

Team One extends its expertise beyond conventional building designs. Collaborating with forward-thinking developers to create expansive communities, the studio delves into strategic planning, envisioning comprehensive landscapes rather than isolated structures. Their ability to craft a vision and masterplan for these emerging spaces stands as a testament to their strategic foresight.

Strategic Insight and Enduring Relationships

The studio’s consultative role extends beyond design ideation; it encompasses offering insightful guidance on the viability and success of developmental ideas. Team One’s vast experience in shaping landscapes and structures has fostered enduring relationships with clients navigating complex projects, including universities and hospitals.


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