Studio U + A – Architects in Gurugram

Established in 1995 by the dynamic duo Vinay Kapoor and Shirley Fujikawa, Studio U + A stands as a testament to creative prowess and innovative architectural achievements. Boasting expertise in urban design, architecture, and interior design, the studio is dedicated to crafting a contemporary urban architecture that resonates with our modern era.

A Commitment to Sustainable Communities

Studio U + A takes pride in curating exceptional and sustainable communities through the creation of remarkable spaces. The studio thrives on the challenge of cultural contexts, intertwining traditional placemaking practices with a contemporary aesthetic language and material sensibility.

Crafting Memorable Spaces

At the heart of Studio U + A’s philosophy lies the art of making spaces memorable. Each project is a canvas where the studio’s expertise weaves cultural inspirations and modern design sensibilities into tangible architectural marvels. The team’s dedication to creating enduring and impactful places resonates through their meticulous attention to detail.

Bridging Cultures through Design

With a global footprint spanning locations like London, New York, Germany, and Mexico, Studio U + A integrates diverse cultural influences into their design ethos. The studio’s international reach fosters collaborations with a network of consultants, enabling the seamless translation of design visions into awe-inspiring realities.

Urban Architecture for Our Time

Studio U + A’s commitment to urban architecture for the contemporary age is evident in their innovative approach to design. By harmonizing traditional practices with avant-garde concepts, the studio pioneers a new narrative in architectural language, shaping the urban landscape for the present and future.

Seamless Design Implementation

The studio’s collaborative spirit ensures a seamless design journey, from conceptualization to project completion. Studio U + A’s international network of consultants aids in translating their design visions into tangible structures, bringing innovation and functionality to fruition.

Conclusion: Crafting the Future of Urban Architecture

Studio U + A stands as a beacon of modernity in the realm of architecture and urban design. Through their dedication to innovative design solutions, cultural inspirations, and sustainability, the studio continues to redefine urban spaces, creating landmarks that resonate across borders.

Experience Innovation with Studio U + A

Join Studio U + A on a journey of innovation and cultural amalgamation. Witness the fusion of tradition and modernity, crafting architectural marvels that redefine the essence of urban living.



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