Perkins & Will – Architects in Dubai

Founded in 1935, Perkins & Will stands as a testament to the enduring belief that design has the power to metamorphose lives and elevate communities. With a multifaceted approach spanning architecture, planning, landscape design, interiors, and urban design, the firm has carved an influential path through diverse sectors, defining spaces that resonate with purpose and functionality.

Diverse Portfolio, Global Impact

Pioneers in Sustainable Design

Perkins & Will’s footprint spans the United States and Dubai, showcasing a portfolio as diverse as it is impactful. From Civic & Cultural to Healthcare, Sports & Recreational to Corporate Interiors, the firm’s prowess resonates through innovative solutions, anchored in sustainable design practices. Their commitment to sustainable architecture is further underscored by their ranking as one of the industry’s leading sustainable design firms.

Award-Winning Innovation

Each year, the firm crafts hundreds of award-winning projects across various sectors, earning them a spot among the top global design firms. Their legacy of innovative designs, deeply rooted in research and cutting-edge tools, stands as a testament to their commitment to pioneering solutions that shape the 21st-century architectural landscape.

Socio-Cultural Responsibility

Embracing Social Responsibility

Beyond design excellence, Perkins & Will prioritizes social responsibility, reflecting in their commitment to donate 1% of their design services to pro bono initiatives. This ethos underscores the firm’s dedication to giving back and contributing meaningfully to societal well-being.

Championing Diversity and Inclusion

The core fabric of Perkins & Will is woven with threads of diversity and inclusion. Embracing socio-cultural values, the firm’s 1,600 professionals are thought leaders, shaping spaces that echo the needs and nuances of diverse communities, reflecting a mosaic of perspectives in their designs.

Looking Ahead

A Vision for Tomorrow’s Spaces

As the architectural landscape evolves, Perkins & Will remains at the vanguard of innovation, envisioning spaces that transcend functionality to become immersive experiences. With a commitment to pioneering solutions and social impact, the firm continues to shape environments where people not only live and work but thrive.

Perkins & Will’s rich heritage, commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and diverse design ethos position them as transformative catalysts in the ever-evolving architectural realm. Their visionary approach continues to redefine boundaries, crafting spaces that resonate deeply and leave a lasting impact on communities.


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