Meyer Architecture+Interiors – Architects in Philadelphia

Founded with an entrepreneurial spirit that pulses through every team member, Meyer Architecture+Interiors has cultivated a distinctive approach to design. The firm’s ethos centers on nurturing discovery and fostering innovative methodologies, setting a unique internal North Star that illuminates every project they undertake.

A Collective Vision

At the heart of Meyer lies a collective commitment to excellence. The firm’s name adorns each project, but so does the reputation and dedication of every team member. Embracing an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), Meyer champions the spirit of unity and teamwork, recognizing that collective effort paves the path to exceptional design outcomes.

A Shared Success Story

Meyer’s belief in the true essence of teamwork goes beyond rhetoric. As shareholders in the firm, every individual within the team shares in the triumphs and responsibilities of the studio. This shared ownership model resonates in their design ethos, where collaboration and collective dedication reign supreme.

Recognized Excellence

Meyer’s dedication to its people and their unified approach to design has been duly recognized. The Philadelphia Business Journal has honored the firm multiple times, awarding them the esteemed title of “Best Places to Work” on four occasions since 2019.

Crafting Multi-Functional Spaces

Specializing in corporate architecture and interior design predominantly in the United States, Meyer Architecture+Interiors infuses its projects with a distinctive touch. Their signature style revolves around creating multi-functional spaces that transcend the ordinary, blending functionality with an innovative design aesthetic.

Innovative Design Philosophy

Meyer’s design philosophy resonates in the seamless integration of architecture and interior design. Their projects are a testament to the fusion of creativity and functionality, creating spaces that not only meet the client’s needs but also exceed expectations.

Commitment to Excellence

Beyond accolades and recognition, Meyer remains steadfast in its pursuit of design excellence. Each project is a testament to the collective efforts of a team driven by innovation, collaboration, and a shared vision of crafting spaces that inspire and elevate the human experience.


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