Loci Architecture & Design Studio – Architects in Dubai

Founded in 2012 by Hani Fallaha and Hamad Khoory, Loci Architecture & Design Studio is a testament to their vision, which revolves around the profound influence of context on architectural design. The studio is deeply rooted in a belief that the locus, or the environment and cultural context, serves as a pivotal source of inspiration and guidance in their architectural journey.

Design Philosophy: Uncompromising Dedication to Quality

At the core of Loci’s architectural philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to uncompromised quality. Their design ethos embodies a clear and elegant vision, emphasizing rational forms and spatial quality. Functionality, durability, and comfort are fundamental elements woven into their architectural language. While their designs exhibit aesthetic brilliance, they purposefully resist fleeting fashion and trends, prioritizing timelessness and sustainability.

A Commitment to Contextual and Sustainable Architecture

Inventive Design Approach

Loci Architecture & Design Studio is synonymous with inventive architectural solutions. Their designs are not just visually striking; they are deeply rooted in an understanding of the local context. Each project is meticulously crafted to harmonize with its surroundings, creating spaces that seamlessly blend with their environment while asserting their distinct presence.

Sustainability as a Core Value

The studio’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their choice of materials and construction practices. Embracing environmentally sensitive approaches, they prioritize locally sourced materials and products wherever feasible. Their architectural innovations transcend mere design aesthetics; they aim to enhance the quality of life for occupants and users while minimizing their ecological footprint.

Embracing Timelessness and Functionality

Crafting Timeless Architecture

Loci Architecture & Design Studio strives for architecture that stands the test of time. Their creations are not bound by passing trends; instead, they are enduring, transcending temporal limitations. By intertwining functionality and aesthetics, their designs aspire to create spaces that remain relevant and cherished for generations to come.

Enhancing Quality of Life

Central to Loci’s mission is the enhancement of life through their architectural endeavors. Their designs are purpose-driven, intended not just to impress visually but to elevate the quality of life for occupants. Each project is a testament to their dedication to creating spaces that offer comfort, utility, and a sense of belonging.

Honoring Cultural Contexts and Innovation

Respecting Cultural Narratives

Loci Architecture & Design Studio respects the narrative of the local context in every project. Their designs pay homage to cultural heritage while infusing innovation and contemporary elements. The studio’s creations are a fusion of tradition and modernity, celebrating cultural richness while embracing forward-thinking design concepts.

Pushing Boundaries with Inventive Designs

The studio’s approach to design is explorative and innovative. By constantly pushing the boundaries of conventional architecture, Loci Architecture & Design Studio creates designs that redefine spaces. Their projects exemplify a harmonious blend of inventive concepts and practicality, marking a unique and distinguished architectural footprint.

Future-Forward Vision

Continuing a Legacy of Architectural Brilliance

As Loci Architecture & Design Studio continues its journey, the emphasis remains on creating architectural masterpieces that transcend conventional norms. The studio’s visionary approach, rooted in cultural contexts and sustainability, ensures that their designs remain not just relevant but impactful in the evolving architectural landscape.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Spaces

With a commitment to contextual sensitivity, sustainability, and design excellence, Loci Architecture & Design Studio stands at the forefront of shaping tomorrow’s architectural marvels. Their enduring legacy lies not just in the structures they build but in the enduring impact and positive change they bring to the built environment.


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