Interact Consultants – Architects in Gurugram

Interact Consultants is a distinguished architectural design firm situated in Gurgaon, India. Founded by Anurag Mittal and Sandeep Khera, the studio thrives on a deep-rooted understanding and seamless execution of architectural and construction processes within the Indian landscape. Known for their comprehensive approach, Interact delivers projects across Northern India with unwavering focus on precision, timeliness, and budget adherence.

Holistic Design Services

At Interact Consultants, the spectrum of services offered is expansive, encompassing architecture, interior design, landscape design, industrial design, urban planning, and comprehensive project management. This breadth allows the studio to engage in diverse projects spanning residential, hospitality, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Expertise in Architectural Implementation

The firm’s forte lies in its ability to navigate the complexities of the architectural and construction domains within the Indian context. From macro-level project planning to meticulous project detailing, Interact Consultants ensures a meticulous and well-organized approach, delivering projects that not only meet but exceed client expectations.

Embracing Contemporary Design

Interact Consultants boasts a distinctive style, rooted in contemporary design principles. Each project showcases a blend of modernity and functionality, emphasizing innovation while meeting the specific requirements of every client. The studio’s ability to fuse aesthetics with functionality creates spaces that resonate with a contemporary yet timeless appeal.

Geographical Reach and Timely Deliveries

One of the hallmark strengths of Interact Consultants is its extensive geographical reach across Northern India. Despite operating in diverse locations, the studio prides itself on its consistent track record of delivering projects within stipulated timelines and allocated budgets, demonstrating reliability and efficiency.

Commitment to Quality and Client Satisfaction

The studio’s commitment to quality and client satisfaction is unwavering. Interact Consultants places great emphasis on understanding the unique needs of each client, ensuring that every design solution is tailored to meet those specific requirements while upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship and functionality.

Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Interact Consultants is dedicated to further expanding its reach and diversifying its portfolio across the architectural landscape of Northern India. The studio’s vision revolves around continued innovation, embracing new challenges, and delivering exceptional architectural solutions that inspire and endure.

Conclusion: Crafting Architectural Excellence

In summary, Interact Consultants stands as a beacon of architectural excellence, leveraging its expertise, vision, and meticulous approach to shape spaces that are both functionally efficient and aesthetically pleasing. With a commitment to precision and contemporary design, the studio continues to set new benchmarks in the architectural realm.



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