Indigo Architects – Architects in Ahmedabad

Nestled in Shilaj, Ahmedabad, Indigo Architects embodies a design ethos that transcends the conventional. Their workspace is more than just a studio—it’s an introspective environment fostering creativity. A deliberate choice to isolate from the corporate normative aesthetics, this studio resonates with a desire to create, innovate, and preserve individuality.

Architectural Philosophy

The studio’s structure mirrors a seamless blend of form and function, artfully cutting out external influences. Employing fixed wooden louvers, operable bamboo screens, and strategic glass placement, the design aptly controls heat and exposure. The spatial dynamism, with the ground floor merging harmoniously with the temple’s plinth, echoes a sense of expansiveness and communal interaction.

Embracing Tradition with Innovation

At Indigo Architects, experimentation with lime in construction stands as a testament to their commitment to innovation. This endeavor served as a pilot project, meticulously documenting lime’s virtues and exploring traditional lime-based construction methods. Their aim is to set benchmarks for lime’s urban viability, promoting sustainable building practices in Ahmedabad.

Sustainable Climate Control

In their quest for eco-conscious architecture, Indigo Architects integrate lime fly-ash bricks, lime mortar, and specialized roof cooling systems that drain excess heat into the groundwater tank. Embracing simplicity and efficacy, they incorporate evaporative coolers, split air-conditioners, and daylight-summoning turbo ventilators, showcasing their climate control strategy’s sophistication.

The Visionary Founder: Mausami

Mausami, the visionary behind Indigo Architects, has spearheaded the studio since 1998. Her leadership has steered the team in executing an array of projects spanning education, residences, and cultural spaces. Mausami’s deep-rooted passion for contextual architecture was cultivated during her tenure at various esteemed architectural firms globally, honing her expertise and shaping her vision.

Educational Journey and Expertise

Graduating with honors from the University of New Mexico, Mausami holds a master’s in architecture. Her pursuit of architectural excellence was underscored by an undergraduate gold medal from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. Her extensive global experience, from PJHM Architects in California to Illi Dieter Architects in Switzerland, coupled with an internship with Christopher Benninger in Pune, enriched her diverse architectural perspective.


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