HGCG Architects – Architects in Ahmedabad

At HGCG Architects, the ethos isn’t merely about form following function or vice versa; it’s the seamless interplay and perfect alignment between these elements that result in architectural marvels. This dynamic architectural studio is where work life and inspiration blend effortlessly, shaping spaces that speak volumes through design ingenuity.

Designing with Passion and Purpose

Embracing the belief that the journey of design should be as exhilarating as the final outcome, HGCG Architects infuses each project with an unwavering passion. Central to their practice is an unwavering focus on understanding the client’s needs. They meticulously delve into the essence of client requirements, distilling key issues, and crafting concepts that intricately intertwine with the client’s vision.

A Tale of Expertise and Innovation

Led by the visionary duo, Harsh Gupta and Chhavi Garg, both accomplished graduates from esteemed institutions, HGCG Architects brings forth a wealth of combined experience. Harsh Gupta, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, boasts an international stint in architectural design, coupled with a penchant for perfectionism that propels his team towards excellence. His multidisciplinary approach ensures that each project is meticulously curated, incorporating design, feasibility, and sustainability with utmost finesse.

Fusing Expertise with Personal Passions

Chhavi Garg, an Architect hailing from IIT Roorkee, complements the team with her expertise in professional management and design. Her infectious passion for design permeates every project, overseeing architecture, interior design, client relationships, and financial management with equal aplomb.

Bridging Creativity and Professionalism

The amalgamation of Harsh and Chhavi’s professional expertise with personal passions is what sets HGCG Architects apart. Harsh, a photography enthusiast, dancer, and culinary artist, brings a meticulous eye for detail to each project. Meanwhile, Chhavi, with her love for dance, culinary arts, and literature, enriches every project, ensuring that every facet is treated with utmost care and attention.


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