Callison RTKL – Architects in Dubai

CallisonRTKL stands as a testament to architectural evolution, beginning over seven decades ago and growing into a global powerhouse that extends beyond traditional architecture. Rooted in a philosophy of creating meaningful spaces, the firm has become a cultural agency dedicated to fostering positive community outcomes.

Human-Centric Design

At CallisonRTKL, the ethos revolves around embracing resiliency, well-being, and technology to shape the built environment. The team champions a human-centric approach to design, focusing on the intersection of functionality and aesthetics to craft spaces that inspire, enrich, and adapt.

Founding Visionary

Kim Heartwell, the President and CEO, embodies the core values that drive CallisonRTKL forward. With a remarkable three-decade journey within the firm, Kim’s leadership epitomizes the evolution of the company. Her profound expertise in workplace design, change management, and mobility strategies has been pivotal in shaping CRTKL’s global footprint.

Influence and Impact

Under Kim’s guidance, CallisonRTKL has ventured into groundbreaking workplace projects, transforming complex corporate spaces into mission-centric environments. Her approach emphasizes the unification of spaces to boost morale, enhance efficiency, foster communication and collaboration, and integrate sustainable principles.

Addressing Global Challenges

Kim Heartwell recognizes the significance of a design practice in tackling contemporary human challenges. From health and well-being to resiliency and security, the firm believes in leveraging the built environment to positively impact communities worldwide.

Educational Journey and Personal Pursuits

Kim’s educational background, starting with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and culminating in a Master of Architecture from the University of Virginia, has fortified her approach to design. Beyond her professional endeavors, Kim finds solace in simple pleasures like dog-walking, culinary adventures, and the occasional puzzle.

A Vision for Tomorrow

CallisonRTKL, led by Kim Heartwell’s dynamic leadership, envisions a future where design transcends conventional boundaries to nurture communities, enhance lives, and navigate the ever-evolving societal landscape. With a commitment to innovation and a deep-rooted sense of responsibility, the firm remains dedicated to shaping a better world through design excellence.


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