Benjamin Benjamin and Vats – Architects in Delhi

In the architectural domain, the evolution of firms often signifies growth and adaptation. Benjamin and Benjamin, founded in 1980, transformed into Benjamin Benjamin and Vats in 1986. This transformation encapsulated the collaborative brilliance of Architects Ar. J. M. Benjamin, Ar. (Dr.) Solomon Benjamin, and Ar. R. K. Vats.

Design Spectrum: Projects Redefining Spaces

The firm boasts an extensive portfolio, showcasing their expertise across public and private sectors. Their diverse projects, ranging from institutes, courts, hospitals, and sports complexes to residences and socio-cultural centers, echo their versatility and capability to transcend conventional design norms.

Architectural Icons: Unveiling Founders’ Contributions

Ar. J.M. BENJAMIN: Architectural Stalwart

Ar. J. M. Benjamin (1920-2005) left an indelible mark on architecture, notably with iconic structures like the Parliament Annexe. His tenure as the Chief Architect of CPWD not only reshaped regulations but also played a pivotal role in governmental schemes, leaving a lasting impact on the architectural landscape.

Ar. R.K. VATS: Crafting Vision into Reality

Ar. R. K. Vats, renowned for his ability to blend creativity with practicality, has contributed significantly to the industry. His architectural prowess lies in delivering projects that impeccably balance innovation and functionality, earning acclaim for timely and precise executions.

Architectural Legacy: Reflecting Vision and Excellence

Transcending Boundaries: Designing India’s Architectural Fabric

Benjamin Benjamin and Vats have imprinted their vision across India, their designs adorning numerous cities and leaving an everlasting architectural legacy. Their commitment to innovative design solutions and unwavering focus on functionality continue to redefine architectural paradigms.


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