ARCOP – Architects in Delhi

Established in India in 1985, ARCOP stands as an architectural and master planning practice that bears a profound legacy. Its roots trace back to the 1950s in Montreal under the name “Affleck, Desbarats, Dimakopoulos, Lebensold, Sise,” later transitioning to ARCOP in 1970. The firm’s presence in India began in the early 1970s, eventually formalizing as ARCOP Associates Private Limited under the Companies Act 1956.

Comprehensive Architectural Services

ARCOP offers a comprehensive array of architectural services, showcasing expertise across diverse building types. From residential and commercial structures to industrial complexes, office buildings, hotels, cultural landmarks, educational institutions, health facilities, high-tech complexes, and multi-use developments, ARCOP’s portfolio spans the architectural spectrum.

Specialized Offerings and Expertise

Beyond conventional architectural practices, ARCOP specializes in urban design, urban renewal, conservation, planning, feasibility studies, architectural programming, and project planning. This specialized expertise enables ARCOP to create spaces that transcend functionality, integrating a deep understanding of the built environment with innovative design.

Proficient and Experienced Team

At the heart of ARCOP lies a team of over 200 highly skilled architects, planners, and urban designers. The core team comprises seasoned professionals with rich and diverse experience. The firm is guided by directors and associates who have been instrumental in ARCOP’s journey for more than two decades, lending their expertise and contributing to the firm’s growth and evolution.

Fusing Tradition with Modernity

ARCOP’s architectural ethos seamlessly blends tradition with modernism. The firm’s portfolio embodies an ethos that harmonizes contemporary design sensibilities with a profound respect for tradition. This unique approach ensures that ARCOP’s designs not only complement their surroundings but also exude modern functionality and aesthetic appeal.


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