Architects Espina, Perez Espina & Associates – Architects in Manila Philippines

Founded in 1946 as a single proprietorship by Cristobal B.C. Espina (+) and Filomena Perez-Espina (+), Architects Espina, Perez Espina & Associates is a pioneering architectural firm that has evolved into a professional partnership. Over seven decades, this Cebu-based firm has expanded its reach across the Visayas and Mindanao regions, with a strong imprint in the architectural landscape of the Philippines.

Principals Pioneering Excellence

Led by Principal Architects Omar Maxwell Espina, Filna Daphne Espina, and Joseph Michael Espina, this visionary team embodies a legacy of design brilliance and innovation. Their commitment to architectural craftsmanship, both practical and aesthetic, has propelled the firm to new heights in the industry.

Bridging Geographical Horizons

Expanding its influence, the firm established an office in Manila in the 1980s, catering to clients across the Luzon area. Managed by Cristopher Stonewall Espina and Mary Ann Arañas-Espina, this strategic move amplified the firm’s outreach and its dedication to delivering architectural marvels beyond Cebu’s boundaries.

Design Philosophy: Contextual Relevance

At the heart of their design philosophy lies the belief that architecture should eloquently express clients’ needs while seamlessly integrating with its contextual surroundings. This principle encapsulates the essence of Relevant Architecture, an approach that resonates with clients and harmonizes the built environment with its natural context.

Synergy of Expertise

Architects Espina, Perez Espina & Associates stands as a testament to familial expertise in architecture, engineering, urban and regional planning, landscape architecture, and interior design. This amalgamation of diverse skill sets has fortified the firm’s proficiency in delivering comprehensive, client-centric solutions.

Towards a Bright Future

Approaching its 70th year of service, the firm remains dedicated to continuous improvement and unwavering commitment to clients and communities. Architects Espina, Perez Espina & Associates aims to further elevate its architectural legacy, setting new benchmarks in the industry.


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