Architect Ravi Kumar Gupta & Associates – Architects in Jaipur

Founded in 1974 by the esteemed architect Ar. Ravi Kumar Gupta, Architect Ravi Kumar Gupta & Associates stands as a beacon of architectural excellence in Jaipur, India. A visionary architect, Gupta commenced his journey in the realm of architecture after graduating from the esteemed Chandigarh College of Architecture in Punjab in 1974.

Building Heritage, Nurturing Tradition

Gupta’s architectural journey has been steeped in a profound dedication to preserving Rajasthan’s heritage and cultural legacy. As the architectural consultant to various esteemed institutions and corporations, including Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation and Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation, Gupta’s designs have woven themselves into the fabric of Rajasthan’s architectural identity.

A Glimpse into the Portfolio

Gupta’s portfolio speaks volumes about his commitment to creating landmarks that mirror Rajasthan’s rich heritage. His repertoire boasts the design of diverse structures, including the Delhi emporium, exhibition pavilions, industrial sheds, midways, tourist bungalows, information centers, environmental development works, and the prestigious tourist village for the IX Asian Games 1982 at Ramgarh.

Nurturing Educational Spaces and Charitable Institutions

The legacy of Architect Ravi Kumar Gupta extends beyond commercial and tourist structures. His architectural contributions have graced the University of Rajasthan, where he contributed to the design of landmarks like the Gandhi Bhawan, departmental auditoriums, staff housing, hostels, and various academic departments. His involvement with charitable institutions showcases his dedication to uplifting communities through thoughtful architectural endeavors.

Architectural Brilliance Across Rajasthan

Architect Ravi Kumar Gupta & Associates’ influence extends across Rajasthan, leaving an indelible mark in multiple cities. Gupta’s expertise and creative vision have been instrumental in designing prestigious houses, preserving architectural heritage, and contributing to the state’s cultural narrative through architectural excellence.

Beyond Professional Practice

Beyond his remarkable professional practice, Gupta shares his wealth of knowledge by engaging in academic discourse. His involvement in lecturing at design institutes and fostering the preservation of heritage buildings reflects his commitment to nurturing the next generation of architects and conserving architectural treasures.


Architect Ravi Kumar Gupta & Associates embodies the fusion of tradition, heritage, and modernity. Gupta’s architectural vision not only adorns the skylines but also preserves Rajasthan’s legacy through thoughtful designs that stand the test of time. His commitment to architectural excellence continues to shape the landscape of Rajasthan, breathing life into structures that echo the state’s cultural vibrancy.


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