ALHILAL Engineering Consultants – Architects in Dubai

ALHILAL Engineering Consultants emerges as a distinguished architectural powerhouse, spearheading an array of services across the UAE and beyond. Founded by the visionary duo of Khawla Saleh Salem Ahmad and Ibrahim Mahmood Mohammad Rashid, this consultancy firm has established itself as a beacon of architectural innovation and excellence.

A Multifaceted Approach to Design

ALHILAL Engineering Consultants boasts a comprehensive portfolio encompassing Architecture, Civil and Structural Engineering, MEP, Interior Design, Urban Planning, and Project Management. With an unrestricted license endorsed by all authorities, the firm undertakes projects of various scales, including mega-sized endeavors.

A Legacy of Professionalism and Integrity

Established in 1998 and headquartered in Dubai, ALHILAL Engineering Consultants remains steadfastly committed to its vision and core values. Upholding ethical standards and integrity, the firm has actively contributed to the growth of local economies and the enhancement of overall quality of life.

Global Impact, Local Expertise

Operating across the UAE and several other regional countries, ALHILAL Engineering Consultants leverages its international footprint and extensive experience to deliver exceptional solutions. Their dedication to exceeding industry standards ensures client satisfaction and positions them as leaders in the regional architectural consultancy landscape.

Founders’ Vision and Leadership

Khawla Saleh Salem Ahmad

As the driving force behind ALHILAL Engineering Consultants, Architect Khawla Ahmad’s foresight and strategic planning have facilitated the company’s rapid growth. Her visionary approach towards societal needs and economic demands has laid the foundation for the firm’s sustained success over more than a decade.

Ibrahim Mahmood Mohammad Rashid

Engineer Ibrahim Rashid, a co-founder, contributes significantly to ALHILAL’s unwavering success. His strategic acumen, exceptional public relations skills, and technical expertise within the construction industry have been pivotal in the firm’s operational efficiency and credibility among clients.

Commitment to Excellence

ALHILAL Engineering Consultants’ unwavering commitment to exceeding industry expectations resonates through every project undertaken. The firm’s mantra revolves around performance that transcends conventional benchmarks, ensuring a legacy of unparalleled service and quality.

Shaping a Better Future

By integrating expertise, foresight, and unwavering dedication, ALHILAL Engineering Consultants remains at the forefront of architectural innovation. Their contributions continue to shape urban landscapes, enhance living standards, and set new benchmarks for architectural excellence.


ALHILAL Engineering Consultants, driven by a passion for innovation and guided by a commitment to integrity, stands as an eminent figure in the architectural consultancy sphere. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and client-centric approach underscore their position as trailblazers in shaping a better, more visionary future.

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