Billie Eilish House – Billie Eilish has achieved success and accumulated a significant $30 million net worth at such a young age, so while she chooses to reside in her ancestral home in Los Angeles, she has a new Glendale mansion. She rose to prominence in 2015, at the age of 14, with her song “Ocean Eyes.” She has been making songs with her brother Finneas ever since. Billie’s music is prevalent in the United Kingdom. Billie Eilish, the daughter of artists Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell, was introduced to music and performing arts at an early age alongside her elder brother Finneas. She started composing when she was 11 years old, and, in two years, she was creating and producing music alongside her brother.

Eilish has received seven Grammy Awards, two American Music Awards, two Guinness World Records, three MTV Video Music Awards, three Brit Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and an Academy Award. She is indeed the youngest player in Grammy history to have won all four main field categories during the same year.

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Billie Elish and her brother with Grammy awards_©

Glendale Horse Ranch


  • Spaces: Horse stable,3 Bedroom, Garden, Bedroom, Living room, and swimming Pool, 3 Bathrooms, etc.
  • Area: 2,108 sq.ft
  • Price: $2.3 M
  • Address: Glendale, LA, California

1. Open planned Living room | Billie Eilish House

This lovely property has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a beautiful spa space where they can rest and enjoy. Whenever it comes to designing, the design of the house was inspired by its lovely countryside surroundings, channeling a rustic core motif for the residence with warm décor that gave a splash of Hollywood glitter.

The stunning open-plan home is furnished with an eclectic mix of rustic furniture that combines its country influence with a Californian beach ambiance.

The living room has a peaceful teal-colored and comfortable swing chair, as well as stunning green softwood furniture and silky plush carpeting – ideal for family gatherings.

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Cozy living room_©

2. Dining with Garden view

A lovely oak dinner table with complementing wooden seating on either side looks like a serene garden, which is finished with a porcelain buddha statue.

They hung a substantial marble-inspired artwork on the wall and a close-to-the-bottom contemporary chandelier above the dining table.

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Dinning with the garden view_©

3. Living room to enjoy the weather | Billie Eilish House

This house has been updated to fit a Californian lifestyle, with a resort-like pool to relax throughout the warm season.

The living area is pleasant yet modern, looking out to the pool via the large sliding doors, and is joined by two patterned lounge chairs that pull guests away from the heat while allowing visitors to enjoy the beautiful weather.

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Best option to enjoy outside weather while being inside_©

4. Color scheme of Primary bedroom

This main bedroom has a lovely monochrome motif with a luxurious velvet silver king-sized mattress that overlooks the swimming pool through the expansive French windows. They chose floor-to-ceiling shades to block the sunlight and placed a dark fury carpet under the bed to expose the magnificent timber flooring.

A direct TV is also affixed to the wall beside the bed, on top of a luggage-inspired chest of drawers.

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Monochrome bedroom giving elegant look_©

5. Sleek bathroom | Billie Eilish House

The most magnificent bathroom leads in from the main bedroom, with something like a walk-in shower, wooden tiling, and his and her basins; it simply shouts amazing.

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Magnificient Bathroom_©

6. Fenced paddock inside the house

The property also includes a guesthouse and a horse apartment, the keeper’s goat pen, 4 barns with separate turnouts, a gear shed, and a walled paddock that was ideal for the horse-riding enthusiast.

Best option for horse riding enthusiasts_©
Best option for horse riding enthusiasts_©

7. Swimming pool with Lounge area

 The delightful atmosphere, magnificent and distinctive trees, the enormous meandering pool, lounge, and other facilities, as well as the modern style of the area, will transport you to another world.

Delightful atmosphere at the pool_©
Delightful atmosphere at the pool_©

8. Kitchen with a country house feel

The kitchen features vintage-style drawer knobs and is not highly polished. The space is characterized by natural materials, modest architecture, and cooking areas that can handle big meals.

Kitchen with country house feel_©
Kitchen with country house feel_©

9. Privacy and seclusion

The gorgeous property was the ideal hideaway for the couple since it is secluded, hidden behind a big bush and autonomously controlled driveway gates. The house is near the Los Angeles Equestrian Center and is encircled by a canal, giving it a more personal aspect.

But one of the finest elements of the land is how private their home is since it is shrouded by tall trees and shrubbery to keep prying eyes at bay.

Seculeded property with privacy_©
Seculeded property with privacy_©

10. Buddha and Japanese-style garden | Billie Eilish House

The property also has Japanese-style water features and a giant Buddha statue on the grounds, which looks relatively peaceful and where one can sit and rest while surrounded by nature.

Japanese style garden with the statue of Buddha_©
Japanese style garden with the statue of Buddha_©


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