The market for industrial vacuum pumps is growing rapidly. According to Reports and Data, the market is predicted to reach $93,621.5 million, in terms of revenue, by 2026.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps - Sheet3With the market growth, various new vacuum technologies are being continuously introduced. If you are new to vacuum pumps, let’s start with the basics first.

There are two vacuum pump types – those that use oil as sealing element or for lubrication and hydrocarbon-free ones.

If you have to choose between these two, go with oil-free ones. Brands these days prefer hydrocarbon-free pumps over lubricated ones. Click here to check out affordable oil-free pumps.

Coming to the point, what exactly are oil-free pumps? Why should you use them? In today’s blog, we are going to understand that. So keep reading to discover the answers!

What Are Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps?

As the name says, oil-free vacuum pumps are pumps that don’t require oil or lubricants to work. These pumps are also known as dry running vacuum pumps. In dry pumps there is no hydrocarbon used as lubricant  for cooling or creating a vacuum. Find powerful vacuum pumps made from high-tech machinery, right here!

Reasons Why You Should Choose Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps - Sheet2Reasons to Consider Using Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps

When it comes to why you should choose oil-free vacuum pumps, the list of reasons is never-ending. We don’t want to make things complex for you. So here are the major reasons to choose oil-free vacuum pumps over lubricated ones.

A Great Low-Energy Solution

Oil-free vacuum technology is well-known for its amazing energy-saving capabilities. Dry vacuum pumps are combined with “variable speed drive” or VSD, helping them reduce energy consumption up to 50%.

Wet pumps aren’t as efficient as oil-free ones in saving energy. So if you want to cut down your electricity expenses, choosing dry vacuum pumps are ideal. Purchase the highest quality dry pumps that save energy at Agilent Vacuum Pumps website .

Cleaner Compared to Pumps with oil (wet)

Are you looking for a vacuum pump with a low risk of contamination? If yes, then an oil-free dry pump is a safe  and efficient choice. These pumps are designed specially to maintain the standards of cleanliness. In addition, they are also perfect for players  who need  the highest air quality in the  environment.

Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps Are Low-Maintenance

Many users complain about spending a good amount of time and money on their pumps’ maintenance. Do you want to reduce your maintenance cost? We are sure you want that, and that’s why we recommend you oil-free pumps. They are low maintenance and therefore have minimum maintenance expenses.


In simple words, oil-free vacuum pumps are better than lubricated pumps in various terms. So if you want to cut down your pumps’ maintenance expenses, save electricity, make your process clean and protect the planet by means of a sustainable solution, these pumps are ideal picks. Try them, and we’re sure you are going to love them.


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