When purchasing a new bed or bedding, understanding the different sizing options available is crucial. While most people are familiar with standard bed sizes in their own country, they may need clarification when faced with European bed sizes.

This article will help you learn the common European bed sizes and provide a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision.

Single Bed Sizes

In Europe, a single bed is typically known as a “Twin” bed in the United States. Europe’s standard single bed size measures 90cm wide by 200cm long (35.4 inches by 78.7 inches). This size is commonly used for children’s bedrooms, guest rooms, or smaller living spaces.

Double Bed Sizes

In Europe, double beds are called “Full” beds. The standard double bed size measures 140cm wide by 200cm long (55.1 inches by 78.7 inches). This size offers more space than a single bed, providing comfort for couples or individuals who prefer extra room.

Queen Bed Sizes

European queen beds are slightly different from their American counterparts. Europe’s standard queen bed size measures 160cm wide by 200cm long (63 inches by 78.7 inches). This size offers more width compared to a double bed, providing ample space for couples or individuals who prefer more room to stretch out.

King Bed Sizes

European king beds are also known as “Super King” in some regions. Europe’s standard king bed size measures 180cm wide by 200cm long (70.9 inches by 78.7 inches), offering generous space for couples or individuals who value spacious sleeping quarters.

Other Variations

Apart from the standard bed sizes mentioned above, Europe offers some variations to accommodate specific needs. These variations include extra-long single beds, which measure 90cm wide by 210cm long (35.4 inches by 82.7 inches), and emperor beds, which are exceptionally large and measure 200cm wide by 200cm long (78.7 inches by 78.7 inches).


Understanding European bed sizes is essential for anyone considering purchasing a bed or bedding in Europe or those looking to import European-sized bedding to their country. By familiarizing yourself with the standard European bed sizes, such as single, double, queen, and king, you can make a good choice and ensure a comfortable and restful sleep experience.

Always measure your available space and consider your preferences when selecting a bed size.

Whether you prefer a cozy single bed or a luxurious king bed, European bed sizes offer a wide range of selections for your needs. Sweet dreams await with the perfect European bed size tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.


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