The UAE, one of the most prestigious places to build a career and live in the world, attracts thousands of foreign workers every year. Therefore, jobs in UAE for foreigners are offered in numbers. But how to find a job in this country? In this article, we take a look at the top 10 job search platforms in the UAE that will help you choose your dream vacancy.

You need to make an effort to get a job. In any field, it is important to make a good impression. However, the first positive opinion needs to be further supported by certain actions and deeds. For example, not to be late, but rather to be on time. Doing your job properly and not cheating. There are many rules regarding business etiquette and behavior at work, so you can study them separately to be effective. Do not stop improving your professionalism and continue to develop if your goals are to increase your earnings and career growth.

List of popular job search sites

Choosing the right job site is important. You can use several platforms at the same time to see more interesting offers from top employers. We recommend that you keep track of current market trends in this way to stay up-to-date. Experts offer you the following websites:

  1. is the leading online job search and selection of personnel portal in the Middle East and North Africa.`s service is unique in its scale and quality of service. There are over 30,000 live job openings and more than 40 million registered members looking for jobs or hiring.
  2. is an internet platform for listing and buying/selling goods and services in the Middle East region. is unique in its variety of classifieds categories and its ability to find almost anything you might need in the region. The site also provides the ability to elevate listings in search results.
  3. is another great and popular site for finding jobs. One of the key advantages of Layboard is that the site provides job search and recruitment opportunities based on region, profession, experience level, and other criteria.
  4. is an employment website that offers vacancies in this region including the Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and elsewhere.’s service is unique in its focus on the region and its provision of high-quality services in a variety of industries, including healthcare, building, finance, and more.
  5. is a famous website for finding jobs in the UAE. One of the key advantages of the site is its wide database of jobs and candidates. Also, the site has the ability to filter job openings by various criteria, which makes job searching more convenient.
  6. is one of the leading online resources for job search and recruitment in the Middle East and North Africa. It also has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to quickly understand the functionality of this site.
  7. is one of the leading job search sites in the United Arab Emirates which helps members to quickly find jobs in different fields. One of the main arguments for using is that it integrates with many other sites, including employers’ sites, recruiting agencies, and other search services.
  8. is a comprehensive resource for finding jobs in the UAE. One of the unique features of is that it is part of the largest media holding company in the UAE, Gulf News Media. This guarantees the user the reliability and timeliness of the information that is published on the site.
  9. is a website whose advantage is its specialization in the Gulf region. It allows job seekers to easily create a profile and upload their resumes. There’s also useful information about jobs in the region, including visa and tax regulations.
  10. – The most unique feature of this service is that it specializes in providing jobs for teachers who want to teach English in schools and other educational institutions all over the globe, even in the UAE. The service provides personalized support for each user, helping them find and get jobs more efficiently.

5 tips for making the most of these sites

Learn how to properly demonstrate your skills. Take advantage of the tips if you want to achieve the desired result.

  1. Create a profile on each of these sites to receive notifications of new jobs that match your qualifications.
  2. Use the search feature on each site to customize your search options and find jobs that fit your needs.
  3. Don’t forget to check these sites regularly to stay up to date on the latest job openings and not miss your chance.
  4. Feel free to send your resumes and follow-up letters in response to jobs that interest you.
  5. Job searches can take some time – be patient.

5 important points when looking for a job in the UAE

  1. Visa and work permit. To work in the UAE, foreign nationals must have a visa and work permit, which can be obtained through the employer.
  2. Professional development and expertise. Most jobs in the UAE require high skills and working experience. Therefore, you need to be self-assured in your skills and experience before looking for a job in the UAE.
  3. Language skills. Arabic is the official language in the UAE, but in most companies, foreign workers can communicate in English. For work in the UAE, it is important to know English, at least at a conversational level.
  4. Culture and customs. The UAE has its own culture and customs, which may differ from those in the West. Before you start working in the UAE, you need to learn the local traditions and habits to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.
  5. Cost of Living. The cost of living in the UAE is high. Assess your financial possibilities and make sure your earnings will be sufficient to cover housing, food, and other expenses.

As you can see, finding a job in the UAE requires some effort and preparation, but all the effort is worth it to live and work in this amazing country. Don’t be afraid to make contact with potential employers, find out about the culture and traditions, and most importantly, be persistent in what you do.


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