Moving to the EU with the support of Public Investment Solutions immigration company: real customers’ reviews

One of the most popular immigration programs among many is repatriation in Slovenia. Reviews on the Internet, and face-to-face communications showed us the real picture about Public Investments Solutions.

Why is it worth to relocate to Slovenia?

Slovenia is a country in central Europe, which is famous for its majestic nature, developed economy, and benevolent nation. Being the immigrant here means that in the future (by naturalization) you will be able to get all the EU rights, such as:

  • Opportunity to study at the most popular educational organization, and get a scholarship;
  • Get a leadership position;
  • Travel visa free to over 170 countries;
  • Open a bank account, and be able to get loan or mortgage;
  • Get a high medical care;
  • Be able to run a business on convenient terms.

Moreover, there are some other ways how you can become a European Union citizen much faster. For example, repatriation. Public investments solutions can assist you in completing your case, and submit it to the authorized body. This procedure takes up to 1 year.

Who can afford to register European passport by repatriation?

Every applicant should know the requirements for them before starting the registration process. In comparison with such procedures, as naturalization or investment, the immigrant should not live in the country of registration with residence permit or permanent residence permit. Also, it is worth to admit, that each of the applicants should have the ground for repatriation.  The repatriant should follow the next rules: be over 18; possess a certificate of his/her territorial affiliation; present a valid passport and have no criminal records.

How to obtain a Slovenian citizenship easily with the help of Public Investments Solutions?

Getting EU passport with the lawyers’ support can be realized in a few steps, described below:

  1. Signing the agreement, collecting documents, translating and notarizing them;
  2. Submitting the papers to Upravna Enota. To perform that step, the immigrant should sign the power of attorney.
  3. Passing the oath-taking ceremony on client’s own.
  4. Registering ID card, international passport and the other initial documents.

In case the clients of the company are already in the territory of Slovenia, they should submit the case by themselves.

Clients reviews about cooperation with Public Investments Solutions

There are a lot of the companies which specialize in immigration field, but not all of them deserve attention of the immigrants.  Having analyzed the reviews on the Internet, we can conclude, that the clients of Public Investments Solutions are satisfied with the lawyers’ great diligence to the registration process, high skills in communication with the authorities, and operative dealing with the unexpected issues.

Moreover, the clients marked in their reviews some cons from cooperation with

  • You can be consulted by the lawyers just in English;
  • The consultations are available for everyone just via phone, email or messengers.

Is it worth cooperating with Public Investments Solutions?

Summarizing pros and cons of cooperation with PIS, we can conclude, that the company is worth immigrants’ attention. According to reviews not all the companies can suggest to its customers such an essential support starting from preparation, and ending with assistance at registering of ID card of Slovenia. Do not hesitate to call Public Investments Solutions for help. It is important to obtain European rights in a short time, as you can make your dream come true as soon as possible.


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