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Berlin-based Henn Architekten has been chosen as the winner of the architectural competition to design the 280-meter Cenke Tower in Taiyuan. Located on a north-south axis, the mixed-use tower will include office, hotel, and retail space.

Project Architect : Henn Architekten

Cenke Tower in Taiyuan_HENN_01
Cenke Tower in Taiyuan_HENN_01

The vertically accented facades of the longer sides will be constructed from glass with different transparency levels and opaque aluminum elements. As the building rises in height, the shape reduces in size, responding to the program while controlling the amount of direct sunlight that reaches the interior of the tower. The goal is to provide maximum interior daylight while allowing hotel guests to enjoy panoramas of the city.

Cenke Tower in Taiyuan_HENN_02
Cenke Tower in Taiyuan_HENN_02

A lush sunken courtyard and entrance area located on the western side of the building will complete the lively structure.

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