“A house has a soul and a journey. I’m just a small step and a passenger on the path of this home. It has good energy. You can feel that people have lived here. There is a Zen vibe.” – Nina Dobrev.


Nina Dobrev in her interview gave a behind-the-scenes look at her beautiful West Hollywood mansion, displaying European-inspired decor and a cool design sensibility. The Spanish-style construction originates from the 1920s that has been lovingly restored to its former splendor. Dobrev’s impeccable taste is clear upon entering. In the kitchen, antique terra cotta flooring and an oven imported from Italy respect her European roots, while splashes of color and artwork from her trips offer a personal touch. The bright patio space, original wood flooring from the 1920s, and an open-concept kitchen that Dobrev rebuilt herself during the epidemic are among the highlights. Every room in this stunning home provides incredible design ideas. In this post, we look at some of the more memorable sections of the star’s house tour, taking design notes along the way. So, let’s take a tour of Nina Dobrev’s mesmerizing house.

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1. The pandemic motivated Nina to completely renovate her 20th-century West Hollywood house | Nina Dobrev House

Dobrev found herself with spare time during the start of the epidemic in 2020. In an interview she told “It was the very first time in a long time that she was in her house”, Dobrev had ample time on her hands now that she was no longer traveling for a job or pleasure. This inspired her to embark on several home improvement projects, including a kitchen redesign. She also repainted the façade of her house white.

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2. The actress did all of the outside painting herself 

Dobrev, in typical DIY style, painted the exterior of her house herself rather than employing experts. She painted the mustard-yellow walls with white paint from Home Depot to make them appear brighter and more open. Dobrev, in typical DIY style, painted the exterior of her house herself rather than employing experts. She painted the mustard-yellow walls with white paint from Home Depot to make them appear brighter and more open.

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Nina Dobrev painting her House_©https://www.celebritybikinibooty.com/2020/05/30/nina-dobrev-white-washing-her-home-in-west-hollywood/exclusive-nina-dobrev-how-about-adding-a-touch-of-paint-11/

3. The living room is light and open, with careful accents | Nina Dobrev House

The light-filled living room is one of the most stunning aspects of Dobrev’s home. The actress has added subtle splashes of color and modern furnishings while retaining some of the house’s original 1920s characteristics, such as the spectacular fireplace. Bouquets and lush green plants, as well as peaceful crystals, framed artwork, and huge windows bring the area to life. The additions make the area feel more inviting and cozy. A picture from Dobrev’s African trips hangs over the fireplace as a personal touch. A print of David Bowie sits on the wall somewhere else.

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4. An open-plan kitchen is ideal for cooking and entertaining 

Dobrev’s dazzling open-concept kitchen is a pleasure to see, with olive green cabinets, butcher block counters, white subway tiles, and a Dolomite island. However, it was formerly a tight galley kitchen where Dobrev spent little time. She demolished one of the original walls at the onset of the epidemic to expand the room and make it more usable.

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Nina Dobrev’s Kitchen_©https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/inside-nina-dobrevs-european-inspired-hollywood-home

5. There are European elements throughout the kitchen | Nina Dobrev House

Many of the culinary items, like Dobrev herself, are of European origin. The gorgeous oven was imported from Italy and looks beautiful to cook in. It is developed by a brand called ILVE. The recycled terra cotta tile flooring is yet another European touch in Dobrev’s kitchen. Terra cotta, which translates as “baked earth” in Italian, is a type of ceramic tile formed of iron-rich clay. These tiles are a terrific alternative for house flooring because of their earthy, reddish tones and will quickly bring a rustic touch to any area. The vintage tiles in Dobrev’s kitchen are all one-of-a-kind, with little cracks and blemishes that add a particular, lived-in sense.

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6. The dining room area flows easily from the outside

Dobrev purchased a spectacular dining room table to make her house suitable for gathering and entertaining. Arbor Exchange’s lovely wooden table is made of solid oak and has rounded corners and legs. A candle centerpiece, two hanging lights, and framed artwork complement the reclaimed chairs and table along one side. The open French doors allow the space to flow smoothly into the surrounding outside space. There are several reasons why connecting your interior area to the outdoors is a smart idea. Not only will the space have more natural ventilation, but it will also look brighter, wider, and more open.

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Nina Dobrev’s Dinning  room_©https://www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/inside-nina-dobrevs-european-inspired-hollywood-home

7. There are many original 1920s elements in the house

Numerous of the unique architectural characteristics, such as the exquisite crown molding from 1929 on the walls, an ancient black fireplace in the living area, and creaking hardwood floors throughout the home, have been painstakingly kept. Dobrev lives in an ancient house, but it doesn’t seem that way. Dobrev restored her home to blend history and modern comfort by tearing down walls for openness, renovating the kitchen, and adding modern furnishings. If you reside in an older home, Dobrev’s home might serve as inspiration for creating a comfortable living area. A new coat of paint, new appliances, and light fixtures are all excellent ways to revitalize a house.

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8. Dobrev’s quaint bedroom features a one-of-a-kind artwork hanging over the bed | Nina Dobrev House

Dobrev’s airy and appealing bedroom has breezy windows, bright and cheery furnishings, and a huge area rug to bind the space together. The longhorn painting hanging over the bed is among the most eye-catching features of the room. Dobrev fell in love with the sculpture after spotting it for auction on the side of the road and knew it belonged in her house.

Nina Dobrev’s Bedroom _©https://www.cosmo.ph/lifestyle/nina-dobrev-house-tour-a704-20211009
Nina Dobrev’s Bedroom _©https://www.cosmo.ph/lifestyle/nina-dobrev-house-tour-a704-20211009

9. The beautiful bathroom has 1920s tile work

Stepping into Dobrev’s blue and white bathroom is like stepping back in time. The quaint area contains historic tile work from the 1920s, and this historic flooring, like the kitchen, reflects their age with little cracks and blemishes.

White and blue Bathroom_©https://www.idntimes.com/hype/entertainment/aulia-supintou-1/rumah-nina-dobrev
White and blue Bathroom_©https://www.idntimes.com/hype/entertainment/aulia-supintou-1/rumah-nina-dobrev

10. Nina’s mother’s artwork decorates the quaint cinema room

Even Hollywood celebrities want a comfortable environment for Streaming binges and movies marathon. Dobrev’s den has a plush Cloud Couch that is ideal for settling into after a hard day, as well as plenty of soft cushions and blankets. Statues, crystals, and candles are among the furnishings of Dobrev’s cinema room. Framed artwork, particularly a charcoal painting by Dobrev’s mother, gives a personal touch to the walls. The lovely hand-painted artwork displays an X-ray of an ancient film camera. When Dobrev wants the area to seem like a genuine movie theatre, she pulls down the light-blocking drapes for immediate darkness.

White and blue Bathroom_©https://www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/inside-nina-dobrevs-european-inspired-hollywood-home
White and blue Bathroom_©https://www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/inside-nina-dobrevs-european-inspired-hollywood-home

11. There is also a leisure and soothing area in the rear yard | Nina Dobrev House

No Los Angeles house is complete without a swimming pool for calming down on scorching days. Dobrev’s pool has indeed been transformed into a zen oasis, replete with lush flora. On a warm day, whether one is  having a dip or swimming laps, the small pool is the destination to be. The wide backyard also has a huge outdoor table for enjoying dining al fresco and hanging out with friends.

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