The Great Space is a concept which saw off over 100 other entries to become the runner up in the competition to design and build the UK pavilion at the Dubai Expo of 2020.

Studio Name: Giles Miller Studio
Design Team: GMS Design Lead, Kirstie Little
Area: Architectural Facade
Year: 2022
Location: Mumbai, India
Consultants: Computational Consultant, IM-A studio
Photography Credits: Edvinas Bruzas
Other Credits: Client, SD Corporation and Fabrication/Installation, Façade One

The Great Space, United Arab Emirates by Giles Miller Studio - Sheet3
©Edvinas Bruzas

The project was a collaboration between Giles Miller Studio, BDP Architects and a variety of other creative studios including leading UK astrophysicists at Jodrell Bank, Tim O’Brien and Teresa Anderson.   Visitors to the multi-million pound venue would enter a chasm of suspended components designed by GMS which creates a 3-dimensional funnel experience, drawing guests into the space visually and emotively and then sending them up into the gargantuan open viewing space above.

The Great Space, United Arab Emirates by Giles Miller Studio - Sheet5
©Edvinas Bruzas

The initial experience is like being drawn into an exploded sculpture, and following visitors ejection out into the pit of the open amphi-theatre-like space above they are then free to explore the immeasurable scale of the space itself whilst sitting back to soak up its primary feature; a vast framed view of the beautiful sky above.

The Great Space, United Arab Emirates by Giles Miller Studio - Sheet7
©Edvinas Bruzas

Giles Miller said: “The Great Space is a story of optimism and positivity, focusing the visitors’ minds through a journey of self-reflection and relative perspective.  The themes that we explored within the world of space and technology alongside BDP and Jodrell Bank, combined with our studio’s sculpturally experimental thinking led to a wonderfully unique proposal, and we’re delighted to have been the runner up in this highly competitive and illustrious competition.”


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