Play for Fun Slots The only socialist experiment that has actually stood the test of evolutionary integrity is truthful not deceitful. And it is the evolutionary genome that gives expression to life as we know it, from Cyanobacteria to carbon loving – oxygen emitting plant life. Play for Fun Slots The “Green Climate Fund” has to date approved $US8 billion of projects and disbursed a mere $US2 billion, including a paltry $US600 million last year. The internal jockeying within the Green Climate Fund is so intense that some board meetings have collapsed even before an agenda could be agreed. Mr trillion-spending Joe Biden can’t be bothered delivering half the US’s outstanding $US2 billion pledge to the Fund.

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Burkina Faso suffers serious famine but not among the 109 delegates to Glasgow who are living it up there in good hotels. It knows the ropes, as it sent 100+ troughers to 2021’s COP25 at Madrid, including at least eight from a charity called Les Tresseurs de Cordes, or “String Braiders”. We either must paddle together to keep us afloat and safe. The latest PLOP doesn’t list the 14,000 non-government hangers-on at Glasgow. But googling for a few Ocker delegates, the loopy anti-capitalist Melbourne University Sustainable Society Institute has headlined, “MSSI on the road to COP26 Glasgow.” . MSSI delegate Dr Don Henry is an International Board Member of Gore’s Climate Reality Project. Gore has piled up a $US330 million fortune from his zero-CO2 hypocrisy.

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Because 80 per cent of the population doesn’t have electricity, and what there is comes from fossil fuels, Burkino Faso is unlikely to sign up for Net Zero by 2050. The bright spot in Burkina Faso is its national anthem Le Ditanye , also known as Une Seule Nuit (One Single Night, not ‘one night stand’), and written by the country’s former president, an avid guitar player. Here, “clean energy” refers to nuclear + renewables, not to renewables alone. Play for Fun Slots A further potential for confusion is the treatment of hydroelectric power generation, which in the IEA report is included in the renewables category. It is the honest ( hearing / seeing) integrity in the evolutionary process of creation that has made life and living possible here. We are but on one canoe for humanity, no one country must jump ship!

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Encouragingly Australia’s resources minister, Keith Pitt, said this week the country would continue to produce as much coal as other countries will buy. Continuing with Madrid COP’s lot, quite a large delegation of ten turned up from the Mom Loves Taiwan Association. Burundi sent 32, including a Church of England Climatologist (who said climate wasn’t a religion?). The Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation sent 20 delegates, and Workers of the World sent a team to finish off capitalism. Tim Flannery has a place on the water up in the Hawkesbury- it’s all a big magical trick- follow the money. The bags under the eyeballs are always a tell tale sign.
  • Figure 7, page 12 in the referenced 2021 IEA report, “Nuclear Power in a Clean Energy System”, clearly shows the two totalling about 36% of world electricity generation for the years 1998 and 2018.
With difficulty, Dr Fry regained his composure and stricken delegates applauded. Among those deeply moved were an IPCC chair candidate, Jean-Pascal Van Ypersele, who confessed to being emotionally overcome. Later, some nark noticed that Fry was not from Tuvalu at all, in fact he was a lawyer from Queanbeyan, Canberra’s next-door neighbour and 150km from the ocean across rolling NSW hills. This year Belize sent 33 delegates to Glasgow, about as many as Pakistan, New Zealand and Belarus combined. But my tale today is not about the presidents and billionaires but the 40,000 bureaucrats, activists, grifters and useful idiots now jamming Glasgow accommodation and gabfests. They’re being told by the ridiculous Prince Charles that this is the “last chance saloon” to save the planet and humanity, as they were told at the first Conference of Parties at Berlin in 1995 and every other one of the annual gabfests since.

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I wonder how much money was left for string braiding after deducting the Madrid travel costs. One of the world’s poorest states, Burkino Faso is afflicted with 3 million starving , Muslim terrorism, and a million internal refugees. Population pressures are causing over-grazing, desertification, and deforestation. Play for Fun Slots I have not recovered as that statement remains true, although not in your article. I had the misfortune to see a Harold Pinter play in London in around 1981, the only memorable feature of which was some disgruntled cuckolded ? Husband being referred to as a “Plop” – a man of no significance who could safely be ignored by everyone! It’s nice to see the UN using the term for their own people. Renewable energy – billionaires like Twiggy Forrest will make a few more billions , But only from taxpayer subsidies.

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I can’t find out just what this leopard-song group does climate-wise. If my arithmetic is right, Mr Obiang has been running his country for 42 years. He scored a 94 per cent vote (for what that’s worth) in the latest election in 2016. Another family member is his vice-president, Teo Nguema, described by an African blogger as “ his glamorous blonde girlfriends around Paris in his fleet of Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Bentley and Porsches. And did I mention he bought the original gloves Michael Jackson used to wear? Not that these islands are actually threatened by rising oceans. Study after study finds these coral islands are expanding. Their erosion and salt damage stems from bad governance and wome­­n having far too many kids. Moreover, there are no hundred billion US dollars available. This was the amount the West pledged to be raised ­per annum from 2021 for the Third World, to atone for the West’s centuries’ of alleged climate crimes. China and India are currently demanding $US1 trillion for a compensation fund for struggling states like themselves. Figure 7, page 12 in the referenced 2021 IEA report, “Nuclear Power in a Clean Energy System”, clearly shows the two totalling about 36% of world electricity generation for the years 1998 and 2018. None of these world leaders seem to understand the enormity of the task of reaching net zero. It has been calculated that 120 BILLION tonnes of steel and cement will be required to build the necessary wind turbines.

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At the Cop26 talks, Australia has refused to sign a pledge to cut emissions of methane, dismissed calls to phase out coal and refused to change its 2030 targets. This would appear to be an eminently worthy and practical policy mix, and should be commended.

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Presently the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 419 ppm, this is 0.04 % of the makeup of the atmosphere- this is not unusual it is normal. Between 1968 and 1979, autocratic President Francisco MACIAS NGUEMA virtually destroyed all of the country’s political, economic, and social institutions before being deposed by his nephew, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, in a coup. A useful rule concerning Glasgow official delegations is, “The poorer the country, the bigger the delegation”. A quick scan reveals the Congo with 373 delegates, Ghana with 337, Sudan 236, Uganda 219, another entity called Congo 170 (that’s 543 all-up), Ivory Coast 169 , Malawi 138, Togo 128 and Gabon 125. I am a humble and insignificant employee of the Environment Department of Tuvalu. I have refused to undertake media interviews … I woke up this morning crying , and that’s not easy for a grown man to admit.

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The jets created such a shortage of parking slots that some were obliged to fly the extra 50-70km to Prestwick and Edinburgh just to park. In the process of storing carbon in making trees and plants, the plants exhaust more oxygen into the atmosphere- its that simple- the truth has absolutely, absolutely nothing to do with green politics. Evolution herself discards genomic expressions that are deleterious to sustaining life- mutant gene expression such as that ,that gives rise to Marxism always arrive at a dead end – natural Abortion or if you like progress to evolutionary abortion.
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