For the life of me, I can’t figure out how I didn’t know about Henry built until the point when the topic of this article was handed to me? I am in awe. And believe me; I am not always pleasantly surprised. Harsh (self) critic, sue me. 

Henry built designs are the epitome of luxury standards. Their product line is a flexible system of components and unique products with specific purposes. Since 2001 their purpose has been for the space of impact (kitchen, bathroom, closets, etc.) to be poured on with beauty and refinement, as much as any other space in the home, and their usability to be effortless, natural, and fluid. 

Modularity, geometry, minimalism, and refined materialism.

Henry Built- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet1
©//Russian Hill Garage//

1. Russian Hill Garage_ San Francisco/ USA | Henry Built

Try taking your eyes off this galley kitchen. Just try. It is a non-invading element of the setup, but still, dominates in the vista. It consists of white flat-panel cabinets, acting as a wall, intentionally or unintentionally. In mix with the stainless steel appliances and the marble-wood combination of the island, gives the perfect industrial tastefulness.

Henry Built- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet2
©//Martis Camp//

2. Martis Camp_ Truckee, CA / USA

Wood, wood, wood. I mean, can it be more perfect? Although, the kitchen is not the only thing that the Henry built design team was responsible for. Their unique Wave Bench and an Open Case example were set up as an open walking-closet option, as well as a customized bathroom sink-cabinet, and living room cabinet that relates to the kitchen material of choice.

Henry Built- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet3
©//Tribeca Loft//

3. Tribeca Loft_ Manhattan, NY / USA

Elegance and luxury. This apartment screams beauty. I would be so bold to say that, this space pictures that 60ties edginess in a mixture with contemporary sophistication. The wood-wall kitchen and island unification, along with the wood-wall panelling, gives the warmth and hominess of the fresh coeval area.

Henry Built- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet4
©//Casa Roel//

4. Casa Roel_ Mexico City / Mexico

To be honest, I probably should not have a favourite, but if I were to have, this would be it. Light-Hued wood panelling inside a concrete shell, light-hued wooden cupboards, and unexpected poured-concrete pocket-doors, well, yes people, I am a fan. 

Henry Built- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet5
©//Clinton Corners Residence//

5. Clinton Corners Residence_ Lake Upton, Hudson Valley/ USA | Henry Built

Henrybuilt’s kitchen design and arrangement in this residence is nothing short of perfect. The white oak heavy timber is left bare for the dramatic effect, although I imagine the kitchen and dining room setup accentuate “the subtle drama”. As in, the constructive-decorative elements, in this case, the timber, would not have the power to be in the spotlight if the interior layout and design were not done right. However, they are, and they complement each other.

Henry Built- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet6
©//Williamsburg Tonwhouse//

6. Williamsburg Townhouse_ Brooklyn, NY/ USA

Minimalistic and sophisticated. This house has a “clean” marvel of wooden and grey mixture kitchen and island, as well as primary objects and Open Case samples of Henrybuilt’s designs. 

Henry Built- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet7
©//Palo Alto Eichler//

7. Palo Alto Eichler_ Palo Alto, CA/ USA

Uniqueness in its simplicity. I haven’t seen a minimalistic kitchen like this one, nor have I seen a concept similar to this one. I am almost left without words. The design is graceful and timid. The kitchen acts not quite as being the system, which was installed inside the room; more like the room was designed around it. It presents that sense of belonging. 

Henry Built- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet8
©//LA Artist Retreat//

8. LA Artist Retreat_ Los Angeles, CA/ USA

I would probably be inspired to learn to cook in a space like this. The client asked for a functional, durable, and easy to clean kitchen. Let’s face it, most of us would ask for the same. However, since its practicality is evident, the nature of the kitchen’s design corresponds with the design of the space, thus the mutual co-dependency gives an avant-garde vibe. Don’t you think?

Henry Built- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet9
©//Classic Restoration at the Apthorp//

9. Classic restoration at the Arthorp_ Manhattan, NY/ USA

The title itself speaks of the nature of the design. A classic kitchen-area design integrated into a contemporary layout. The design radiates a homey feeling and an unapologetic sense of belonging in the space. 

Henry Built- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet10
©//St. Helena Residence//

10. St. Helena Residence_ CA/ USA | Henry Built

St. Helena’s kitchen setup is an interesting industrial sample. Different colours of cabinetry, shelving, and shell of the aspirator purposefully used to paint a dynamic into the wall. The kitchen island and the wall cabinetry complement each other with their modern character. And the unexpected beam structure in the middle of the area, serving its storage rack duties.  

Henry Built- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet11
©//Boston Area Residence//

11. Boston Area Residence_ Boston, MA/ USA | Henry Built

This kitchen is a dual design of an Open Case shelf system and cabinetry at the bottom. Its dominating grey goes in contrast with the orange dining table, and it gives the space a taste of freshness. The different chairs complement different parts of the setup; some complement the shelves, some the cabinetry, some the dining table. 

Henry Built- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet12
©//East 20th Street Penthouse//

12. East 20th Street Penthouse_ NY/ USA

Industrial and cool. The kitchen is open and airy, and a non-invading aspect of the design of the space. Amazing. In its design, its positioning, its colour pattern, its belonging to the world inside, and the world outside. It is chic and I want to live here.

15 Iconic Projects - Sheet13
©//Primary Objects//

13. Primary objects_ ex. Farro

Henrybuilt designs are all about details. We may not witness them at first glance, mainly because they are part of the major component of the design, inside kitchen-island, or kitchen cabinets, but they are there, and they are done with great effort and tastefulness. The manner of their execution is not to serve a blunt position of being details, but to be a part of the area, and the design elements they are positioned in. 

Henry Built- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet14
©//Primary Objects_Opencase//

14. Primary objects /Opencase/_ ex. Opencase for Work and Study

Their primary objects collection and the Opencase collection serve a multi-purposeful, multi-arrangeable, multi-essential agenda. These pieces are evident witness of craft quality, and provide a resolute spatial setting to “unusable” and “hard-to-equip” parts of the space.

15 Iconic Projects - Sheet15

15. Furniture | Henry Built

Henrybuilt are famous for their modular type of cabinetry, kitchen systems, and primary objects, all geometrical, minimalistic, and more often of industrial character. At the beginning of this year, they announced their attempt also at furniture designing. The founder Scott Hudson thinks of the furniture as a freestanding component of their systems, not as a simple furniture element. Abstract ottomans in playful colours are in the centre of more than 50 pieces in the collection, as well as kitchen islands, stand-alone vanities, and flexible shelving pieces.

15 Iconic Projects - Sheet16

Viktorija Vitanova is a fifth-year student at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture, Slovenia. She received a bachelor’s degree of Arts in Architecture from American College Skopje, North Macedonia. Her interests lie in the theory of architecture, an abstract undertake of architectural projects, and the socio-psychological aspect of architecture.

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