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There are a lot of houses out there that can make your jaw drop, but this one… well, let’s just say nothing comes quite close to beating a home with a pool that’s basically a human aquarium. This Sao Paulo home, a renovated residence named Panorama, was designed by Brazilian architect Fernanda Marques for a couple without children. Incorporated as a living room wall is the sunken part of a splendid 10 meter-long narrow pool, allowing people in the living room to observe the swimmers, creating an element of tension and awe.

Architect: Fernanda Marques
Location: Brazil

© Filippo Bamberghi

“Building the pool structure was the most challenging aspect in the project. To achieve the result, a very thick imported glass was used, and specialised labour was required to install it,” says the architect. Accessed from the 2nd floor of the two-storey apartment, we imagine pool-watching trumps Netflix in this home when it comes to entertainment.

© Filippo Bamberghi
© Filippo Bamberghi
© Filippo Bamberghi
© Filippo Bamberghi
© Filippo Bamberghi

The rest of the home is just as impressive, from the double-height light-filled living room, contemporary and minimal furniture and the beautiful artworks from the clients’ collection.

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