Rugs offer more comfort to the environment and are therefore considered the most important element of home decor since they provide a sense of welcome. Its right choice can completely transform a project’s decoration, bringing more colors and textures.

Very welcome in all rooms, it also fulfills its role in terms of functionality since its placement contributes to the mission of delimiting spaces in projects with the concept of integration. It is an element that helps us connect the furniture to the environment.

Selection Of The Right Rugs!

Choosing the right rug for each room is first a matter of assessing whether it makes sense in the environment in which it will be placed to avoid making a mistake. Because it appears a lot and is a large surface, the rug needs to be well inserted into the decoration, so it does not seem different from the furniture, objects, and other accessories.

Living room: it can be styled with carpets in different ways, including patterned, colorful, plush, and others. However, before deciding, it is necessary to pay attention to the routine of the house and the area to be covered so that the carpet harmonizes with the decor and facilitates day-to-day maintenance.

Coordinating the rug’s colors with curtains, pictures, and cushions is an excellent way to avoid mistakes. Regarding dimensions, the recommendation is to purchase a rug capable of covering the space, including the TV and the sofa (entering under the sofa). Villa carpet is an excellent choice because this rug collection features repetitive patterns inspired by international architectural motifs.

Dining room: Shoo away plush rugs in this environment, as food is more likely to fall, and the material is harder to clean. Thus, the lower, smooth versions without fringes and reliefs are indicated.

Bedrooms: with a smaller flow of people, velvety or fluffy rugs are welcome, as they contribute to the feeling of comfort that the environment should convey. Thinking about getting up, they go very well next to the bed.

Kitchen: much frequented by residents, the architect, indicates the choice of resistant, light, and easy-cleaning rugs. In the treadmill style, synthetic fiber is very successful, as it does not absorb water and does not create moisture.

Bathroom: rugs for bathrooms play a very important role since, in addition to leaving the floor dry, they can prevent accidents, such as a slip when getting out of the shower. Therefore, nonstick is more common. Thinking about the decoration? The tip is to opt for rugs with the bathroom style.

External area: Important to care with the choice for placement on balconies and backyards, for example. They must be resistant due to the constant incidence of light and sun and withstand constant washing. Good options are synthetic sisal and vinyl.

Rugs Style And Color

At first glance, a room can give the impression that the components are disconnected. Still, adding the rug with proper style and color ambiance to the environment helps to connect all space components.

1. Shag rug

Fuzzy rugs area rugs with more or less long piles inspired by the pop/fun decor of the 60s. Depending on the inclination of the rug’s wicks, it reflects different configurations. Sometimes matte, sometimes shiny, these wicks bring your plush rug to life.

2. Mat of uniform color

If your decoration features motifs with a very strong style, it is better to opt for a uniform rug that will blend in very easily with your decor. If the room where you want to place the rug has a sea of ​​colors, opt for more sober colors and choose a gray or even beige rug. If your decor tends towards neutral colors in the elements used, you can add more originality and opt for a rug in brighter colors. Note that light colors convey a feeling that the space is larger.

3. Scandinavian rug

A popular trend in recent years, Scandinavian rugs feature soft or pastel colors combined with geometric motifs to provide light and warmth and structure your room. In addition, Scandinavian rugs will add a cozy and warm feeling to your room since they are associated with wooden pieces.

4. Rug design

These design rugs are made for you if you want a living room rug with urban and modern patterns. They combine sober colors with minimalist motifs to create a contemporary atmosphere in any room where they are placed.

5. Ethnic and Berber carpet

Ethnic-style rugs such as zebra, tiger, or leopard rugs with palm tree motifs will give an exotic touch to your decor and make your travel. Likewise, bamboo rugs will make you travel around Asia.

Berber rugs with a long pile of very thick wool are also known as kilim rugs. These rugs will provide comfort and softness and give an ethnic style to the space where you place them. These rugs are characteristically strong; however, ensure your decor matches your rug’s motifs.

6. Children’s rug

Some rugs feature children’s motifs that will look great in your child’s room. These children’s rugs feature tent and lion motifs, for example. There are also mats with the monkey game or even mats with circuits. These rugs will add warmth and comfort to your child’s room, allowing him to play without fear of getting dirty if you choose a synthetic material.

In short, rugs have many benefits, and one of them is that they add a sense of warmth and coziness to any space. These are very different perceptions when you step on a rug and feel a pleasant temperature. In contrast, it is quite different from the impression we perceive when we touch the tiled floor directly, especially now in the cold. If you still need some assistance in the selection of the classy rug, please comment below, we feel glad to guide you.


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