Australia is one country with the highest number of Asbestos-related diseases. According to facts and data, around 4000 people die from Asbestos-related diseases.

Therefore looking at the gravity of the matter, a study on the negative impact of Asbestos in Australia remains pertinent. In addition, asbestos is a part of the Australian construction culture, and regular works are performed as renovation work.

But the work brings fear and concern to stakeholders who come in direct and indirect contact with the material. So here comes the discussion of the positive role of the expert removal specialists at Asbestology.

Therefore the article takes a dip to find the reason why Australians need to be concerned about Asbestos.

What Is Asbestos?

This section is dedicated to people who do not know much about Asbestos. Asbestos is a group of fibrous natural minerals that is used effectively in building constructions. According to a study, around three houses in Australia use the material. They are used primarily to build:

  • Roofing and insulation.
  • Floor Tiles.
  • Concrete Framework.
  • Walls, Ceiling.
  • Carpets and Vinyl underlays.

Common Asbestos-Related Disease

After decades the materials needed to be removed for the purpose of renovation. This involved health and environmental risks and hazards for the people working with the material.

According to clinical observations, exposure to Asbestos related products can cause diseases like :

  • Asbestos.
  • Pleural disease.
  • Lung Cancer.
  • Mesothelioma.

This is the reason renovation companies that undertake projects offer insurance for the workers. Looking at the challenges and hazards involved in the work, people bank on removal specialists at Asbestology and some others to make the job professional.

Creating General Awareness 

The matter evokes such sensitivity that this has moved up to the Parliament of Australia. In the year 2017, a Senator enquired reading the protection of the people of the country from Asbestos.

According to the senator, the commonwealth authorities must conduct a large-scale investigation to monitor a range of areas of the use of Asbestos in construction and renovation work. This is because the material is dangerous, and it brings danger to the environment, public health, and well-being.

The matter is significant because, according to a study, the country is one of the top places exposed to Asbestos. Therefore, stringent laws need to be made against minimizing the material for the purpose of infrastructure. The time has arrived for the real estate sector to reflect on environment-friendly ways of restoration of old properties. Most importantly, a greater awareness drive must be run among people.

What Asbestology Has to Offer 

  • Now you might ask why Asbestology and not some other company?

Asbestology is a name in Brisbane famous for professionally handling asbestos removal projects. They have 20 years of experience in providing top-quality services. They are such high-quality professionals that you can check the area and get things approved with an independent hygiene assessor. Therefore, taking professional service is significant from the point of view of safety and security.

Asbestology uses all the safety technology, tools, and mechanism to prevent the scattering of Asbestos into the surrounding areas of the renovation project. For example, they use cardboard and other materials to completely close the area.

This prevents demolished Asbestos from moving outside the premises. This safeguards people from getting exposed to the materials. Moreover, it keeps insurance policies for its dedicated workers who work day and night so that the entire renovation is carried out safely.

Asbestoloty conforms to the safety and security norms relating to the removal of waste materials. Furthermore, they religiously conform to the laws and guidelines of the state and federal governments in the country.

Wrapping Things Up

The concerned bodies on the environment must partner with the Australian government to raise a massive awareness drive against the minimization of Asbestos.

Simultaneously, companies like Asbestology must also go for alternative materials, methodology, and technology so that things can be brought under control.


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