We all know earlier, there was no single rule dominating, ruling the country but was divided into smaller regions. People living in the specific territory were ruled by that particular ruler. Every ruler wanted his reign to be remembered, to be the greatest. Thus, to have a great kingdom, the ruler did every possible thing which would make his kingdom remarkable. The time period of a specific king is not surplus but limited, as a result, he would struggle a lot to create more in less time. This didn’t mean creating anything but there was another characteristic back then, for one to be remembered as a great monarch, he would have to create gigantic structures that would represent his greatness and prominence. As a result, outstanding and optimum architecture was created. For example, often when we refer to the Taj Mahal we do remember Shahjahan. This, having constructed a wondrous structure made Shahajan immortal and made him remembered forever. This is what impacts huge structures created in the past and are yet are standing firm. This was their impact on today, also during the dynasty rule period, having massive and delightful structures was a thing of glory, more the merrier. The king with considerable architecture was a promising one and was held superior to others. One would build only when one would have enough equity for the same. Thus, the more significant the architecture, the more power. This may have been considered a medium to show the richness. These all lead to great and impactful development. The structures built back then are still standing dominant which makes the impactful richness of the specific dynasty which ruled back then.


Often the question arises why is it that the ancient structures are still standing firm as that compared to the recently built structures. Why so?

If we consider today’s condition, we can observe while constructing most of the time people do not consider structures as monuments to stand for coming years but a medium of earning money. Commercialization has played a vital role by making everything about money resulting in very less extraordinary structures. Nothing is personal but professional these days. There is globalization taking place resulting in the togetherness of the whole world.  Life moves at a fast pace resulting in no personalized and fine structures.

If to be compared, these two are exactly contradictory situations, the early period and today. 

So it is obvious that there has to be a difference, it is bound to be. But we have observed for the structures these days it is quite difficult to withstand every crisis and stand for the next thousands of years like the earlier built ones. What may be the reason for this?

According to me, the following reasons are liable for this:

If compared, construction technology is way too developed these days, but it was not developed earlier which made people construct with immense care and fineness. If you were to ask me about the new construction technology and thought of the designers of that era we can create wonders, indeed we can!

It is a harsh reality but we are more dependent on technology these days. Due to the never-ending advancements taking place in the technology it is a topic is a concern. Earlier, people constructed with minimal use of technology which made it mandatory for humans to consider and heed every minute thing resulting in no negligence.

The human mind has developed machinery which is now overtaking the industry. Use of machinery, technology, modern means has no way round and is mandatory but it’s up to us to restrain the overpowering of the same.

Along with this, the use of material also plays a crucial role. The materials used back then were free from any sort of admixtures and were authentic. But the material used now is mixed with some admixtures, no credible material results in lessening the life span of structures.

People back then have to be appreciated for their knowledge which acts as the base and lineage of architecture. The human mind is the inception of everything. Thus, we should not let technology overpower us, technology is a helping aid, an essence but not everything.

I would conclude by saying, the ancestors have precisely left a legacy that we need to carry forward. The age-old structures are for us to study, for us to take inspiration from and it is in our hands now to change the trail of what has been happening. Whatever may be the conditions we need to get some things straight in our minds It is not the buildings that we design, we design the society and shape the community. We need to create something which people would see in the coming years should certainly be astonished by and wonder how such remarkable architecture was created. A substantial obligation indeed!

Purva Khodbole

A 20 y/o architecture student, an anxious omnivert and a selenophile who is fascinated by the beauty of the universe. Purva finds peace in reading and solace in writing.Architecture to her isn’t mere just a profession but the best exquisiteness prevailing.Perhaps that’s the reason we’re finding her here!

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