Flying House | IROJE KHM Architects

Architect: IROJE KHM Architects

Project Location: Incheon, South Korea

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Flower Cage House | Anonym

Architect: Anonym

Project Location: Bangkok, Thailand

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Dos Pieles House | Verónica Arcos

Architect: Verónica Arcos

Project Location: Pichicuy, Chile

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Cima House | Garza Iga Arquitectos

Architect: Garza Iga Arquitectos

Project Location: Chihuahua, Mexico

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JMA | The Runkelsteiner

Architect: JMA

Project Location: Bolzano, Italy

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Tree House | FRENTE arquitectura

Architect: Juan Pablo Maza

Country: Mexico

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Affordable Housing | Hitesh Mutreja & Karamvir Singh

Architects: Hitesh and Karamvir Singh

Country: India

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DenCity City Model With Dual Density Housing | MVittor

Architects: MVittor

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Future Primative Hut | Norah Altwaijri & Kevin Klassman

Architect: Norah Altwaijri & Kevin Klassman

University: University of Southern California

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Home[Less] + Housing | Ryan Cerone, Kyle McArdle and Yiwei He

Architect: Ryan Cerone

Location: New York City

Status: Concept

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City of Crafts | Anastasiia Grigoreva

Architect: Anastasiia Grigoreva

University: Siberian Federal University

Country: Russia

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Seattle Net Zero | Connor Kramer

Architect: Connor Kramer

University: University Of Cincinnati

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