Why is architecture difficult these days? is the only question lingering around in the minds of young architects and designers in this modern world. Architecture is equal to divine things, which leads to the process of creation being equal to god. Kings and queens in the olden days dedicated their whole lives to the creation of temples, forts, castles, tombs, etc.; even every structure has a different purpose. The architecture was treated equally to the divine because of the creation that was being processed; it was never a rich people and poor people identity; it was celebrated by everyone, even if the slaves were working; they never worked for a time being; they craved every detail, considering it their own identity even though it was a work to them; and superiors treated them with food and gold coins for their hard work. But in today’s world, everything has become up to date; no more iconic buildings; everything has become business; and every construction has become a competition.

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Old is gold

The term ‘architecture’ can be a modern word, but architecture isn’t. It belonged to the ancients, and it was old; the methods, their process, their teaching, dimensions, styles, functions, materials—everything was designed according to their lifestyle. But people today are realizing architecture according to their financial status. In the olden days, people used to sit and draft in the sand, tell people, and ask people about their requirements, and the standards were never a thing that affected whether it would be perfect even in a single corner. But now, in these modern days, even architects and architectural students still have a dilemma about the dimensions of a single room. They had never been taught, never had a guide, and had nothing except their love for space. They had their vision of architecture, and they had a strong belief in the energy in the spaces. Different styles were formed, and they experimented more. Even today, structures built in BC are a standing marvel; they paved the way for today’s architecture. There was no competition or race; all they had was a vision of creation towards the future, and that old is gold even if no one told.

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Hectic Designs and Hell Nights

In today’s world, according to everyone, architecture is considered a difficult course, and many will step back. After the course, many young architects change careers because of an exotic lifestyle. The pressure isn’t about designing the plan; it starts when the deadline is announced and the imagination period starts to shrink. For the time being, the problem might be solved, but the plan will be a square or a rectangle. The time for designing something was controlled by corporations, and the junior architects and interns over there will lost interest, and there will be a lack of design and passion. Over time,late-night schedules, periodic tasks, deadlines, and lack of sleep will never make someone love the work. Even if there were people who would work, they would be working for the sake of money. The love for architecture, the detailing, the beauty, the intricate designs, the meaning behind the lines—everything was completely vanishing and being taken over by the software and AI.

A normal life became a question mark; life became hell all of a sudden, and there would be no nights to sleep. All these were called architecture. But why? 

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Racing Rising Buildings

Racing horizontally turns into a vertical one. Taller structures were enormously rising without meaning; the meaningless heights, even without proper permission, because of people’s mindset towards heights, created many impacts. The business in architecture makes the field so stressful, as the superiors are making the young minds run in a lampshade to win the race; they are deciding the rules and regulations; there is no life in the buildings on the highways, only blocks, because people never wanted to run in the race, so they simply play in the safe zone rather than making their nights sleepless.

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Frank Gehry’s Design_© https://www.phaidon.com/agenda/architecture/articles/2011/september/15/so-that-s-what-a-frank-gehry-building-looks-like-on-day-one/

Design doesn’t decide

Many corporations decide to have their template for designs; they stick around that and encourage the young minds to copy that and prompt in the software so that they will get a fantastic outcome and send their clients to get an extra payment. Is this called architecture? Yes, it is.

There were more construction firms than designs; there were no experiments. Many architects in the modern world break this pattern; they create marvels, as they never started anything with the software. Zaha Hadid, Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, Norman Foster, and Antoni Gaudí were the people who kept modern architecture alive. They all started with paper and a pencil, crafts, and looking into nature. They followed their ancestors and designed, and they got their marvels.

Architecture isn’t difficult; architects are. The designs should not be decided; they should be decorated, designed, and developed. As the field of architecture became more stressful, young minds found it harder to be in the way; they sacrificed their daily lives, had no mental peace, low confidence, and insomnia, and many had physical and health problems they never talked about. This should be taken into account before the software and AI take charge of designing. Architecture is created by humans; it is a creation, that should be loved, and devoted to. It should be heaven in the space of process rather than hell in the space of dying.



Swetha is a final year architecture student and a passionate writer. She loves architecture as well as writing and started writing about Architecture. Her own way of turning her emotions into a poem, fictional story and meaningful abstract art keeps her alive.