Transfer “Crown” A New Installation Of Daniel Libeskind

At the end of October, a new spectacular landmark appeared on the route of Casalgrande – Sassuolo – installation “Corona”, created by the famous deconstructivist, architect, designer, founder of Studio Libeskind studio Daniel Libeskind. The object capped the entrance to the factory of ceramic tiles “Casalgrande Padana”. The inauguration ceremony was held on October 27 with the participation of the architect, the president of Casalgrande Padana, Franco Manfredini, and the mayor of Casalgrande, Alberto Vaccari.


The installation proves that a practical and environmentally friendly ceramic granite material is applicable not only for the arrangement of residential and urban environments, but also for creating masterpieces of modern art.


The monument was nicknamed the eastern gateway to Emilia – this region of northern Italy is known for ceramic art. It is here that the production capacities of the brand of floor and wall tiles “Casalgrande Padana” are located. Daniel Libeskind has already worked with the company – he designed façade facing systems for it in the Citylife residential complex in Milan, an exhibition stand for Bologna water design – 2013 and a collection of tiles for Expo 2015.




This time, the architect of world importance was entrusted to design a monumental object, which in the future should become a local attraction and a bait for tourists. The form of the spiral Libeskind beat the deconstructivist manner, breaking the circle and showing the beauty of an acute angle. The installation, which reaches a height of twenty-five meters, was erected on the principle of a ventilated facade, lining the thin steel frame with Fractile granite with the volume pattern developed by Daniel Libeskind to Expo-2015 for the stand of the Chinese company Vanke – this technology is used in the construction of energy efficient houses .

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