‘Throne Game’ Blessing For Dubrovnik? Not Necessarily. City Wants Restriction For Tourists

On Dubrovnik – the serial King’s Landing – march not only the army of the dead. In fact, there are also hordes of tourists. What would seem like a great promotion at first would be a curse. That is why the city is introducing restrictions.

Dubrovnik, popular with tourists Croatian city with a population of 40 thousand. The inhabitants, for several years, are experiencing a real siege. Although already enjoying the status of one of the main tourist attractions of the country, boasting a position on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the current level of popularity is not comparable with the present.


In Dubrovnik in 2016, over 16 million visitors visited Croatia – up to 4 times the total population of Croatia.

And all thanks to … ‘Throne Games’.


The creators of the cult series are just Dubrovnik as the location of King’s Landing – the capital of Westeros, where mainly the action game ‘throne game’.

Dubrovnik, like other places where the seasons of the seasons were shot – Spain, Ireland, Ireland, Ireland – became the target of the expeditions of the series.

Fans ‘Game of Thrones’ firsthand want to experience what it’s like to stroll through the narrow streets of King’s Landing, and travels through the Royal Way and looks at the world from the highest tower Dragonstone. Serial tourism has become the place where the ‘Throne Game’ was filmed, one of the main sources of income. However, for some – including for Dubrovnik – means also a curse.


Dubrovnik is experiencing a real siege, so the newly elected mayor of the city has announced that in two years the number of tourists will be reduced by half.

Maximum number of visitors is 4 thousand. People daily.

Although visitors to Dubrovnik’s ‘Throne’ enthusiasts are responsible for 5 percent. The increase in tourism income in recent years has led to the fact that the city has become overcrowded and crowds are hard to coordinate. For this reason, many travelers who call the name King’s Landing say little, began to see Dubrovnik in terms of low quality tourist attractions.




As Dubrovnik’s mayor, Mato Franković points out, in the short term, the city will lose revenue, but in the long run will gain quality and protect its decade-old image.

One should not forget, however, that tourism related to the ‘Throne Game’ has largely contributed to the economic recovery in Croatia. Although the country is slowly rising from the recession of 2009-2014, the numbers are even more promising this year.

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