The Top 5 Premier Electronics And Technology New CES 2017

The annual Las Vegas Show is an event where leading electronics manufacturers have the opportunity to showcase the products they have been working on for the past 12 months. We will look at the 5 best premieres during CES 2017.

robot-kuri.900.507.s1. Robot Kuri

A small startup Mayfield Robotics from the American city Redwood City has presented a very interesting robot. Kuri will be a good idea for people with pets. Built-in sensors and a camera will keep an eye on the owner’s absence. Kuri is able to understand and respond to the voice message, and therefore can be a good companion for children.

lg-głośnik.900.660.s2. Leading speaker from LG

The LG stand was a surprise for visitors to the fair. The manufacturer presented a series of Signature OLED TVs, a fridge with a big screen displaying its content and a … levitating wireless speaker!

The futuristic Bluetooth and NFC technology will allow you to spend more than 10 hours listening to music without the need for power.

Interestingly, once the battery is exhausted, it will drop itself to the docking station without interrupting music playback. The IPX7 certification will provide protection from the weather, and a powerful subwoofer will be perfect for listening to music with low sound.

bed.900.586.s3. 360 Smart Bed

Smart gadgets will enter our bedrooms.

Sleep number at a CES conference presented a bed collecting data about our sleep.

With the smartphone application, we adjust the mattress hardness, turn on the bottom of the heat, and analyze the statistics. The developers have announced that their product will go on sale later this year.

konkurent-tesli.900.529.s4. Faraday Future FF91 – an autonomous vehicle

Faraday Future officially showed the car that she had been working on for a long time. The FF91 is designed to be a direct competitor to Tesla, capable of driving over one 800 kilometers. The vehicle spins up to a hundred in just over 2.4 seconds and its batteries can be powered by different power. The company has already launched sales records beginning in early 2018. Those willing to prepare 5 thousand. Dollar advance.

ces-2017.900.507.s5. LEGO set that allows you to create your own robot

Lego showed an unusual set of blocks that would allow a programmable toy to be assembled. For $ 160 kids will be able to create their own guitar, robot or remote control vehicle. The elements in the box have a number of sensors, including a heel and a gyroscope.

Danish company representatives say the product is a dream come true for the little ones who want to revitalize their toys.

With the launch of the kit, you will be provided with an application that includes building schemes and easy coding commands for toy programming.

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