Spotify Creates Feather Artists To Save You? It Is The Position Of The Company

Swedish streaming service has been battling gossip about creating fake artists accounts for over a year. Spotify has officially decided to explain the whole situation.


The accusations first appeared in 2016 on Music Business Worldwide. The company has been charged with commissioning producers to create songs for selected playlists. The case concerned especially species such as ambient or chillout.


This action was supposed to allow Spotify to save money, because the signed artists were fictitious, no additional royalties were made to the creators. A few months later Vulture magazine returned to the affair and found that there were even 15 million unconfirmed accounts on the site.


In the end, Spotify himself responded to the confusion. The company has issued a statement that it has never created non-existent artists and that it pays royalties for the songs. It was also emphasized that Spotify is not a label and therefore does not have any rights to music. Despite assurances, journalists continue to point to the intentional reduction of the participation of real artists in playlists. In addition to the official position, the company declined to comment.

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