New concept of the city-ship “Arctic Harvester”

If you can not change the course of events, draw from them at least some good – perhaps it was this postulate guided by a team of French students, developing a new concept of the city-ship called ” Arctic Harvester ” for the competition Jacques Rougery , which, incidentally, this The concept took the first place. It seems that the authors of the new ship are seriously concerned about the problem of global warming on our planet, many scientists are working on its solution today, but since it is not yet possible, students use it, so to speak, for the benefit of all mankind – after all, They worked, should make every effort to use water from melted glaciers in the northern hemisphere.


The fact is that during the polar summer energy, Necessary for the work of an unusual ship, will receive from the sun, for which the authors literally lashed it with solar batteries, and in the winter season the energy will also be produced by the osmotic system located on its board , which must mix salt with the same water that is formed when melting icebergs – Well, in the creativity of the authors do not refuse. Another know-how is that the new ship does not have usual screws at all, because according to the idea of ​​the concept’s authors, it will have to drift leisurely with the same currents that move the icebergs necessary for its functioning.



It is assumed that the new ship will be able to drift non-stop for two years, so that the hydroponic gardens located on its board will come in handy as crew members,  And passengers – they should work, by the way, on the same solar energy and thawed water – because, according to many scientists, vegetarian food is much more useful than meat. Well, those who categorically disagree with this point of view and do not want to be satisfied with vegetables and fruits are likely to be able to spank a couple of small gray whales or some other marine animals, which have not yet been included in the Red Book – if, of course , The authors of the concept provided for the presence on board at least one harpoon.

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