As A Man’s God: A Two-Story Clay Mansion

Ecological construction has become a very fashionable topic today, and this is not surprising, given that the state of the environment, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired – but to use materials such as clay for building houses, so far few people have decided, although, for example, in Ancient Babylon This was quite common practice, not to mention the Ukrainian huts-mazankah, many of which have survived to this day.


One of these innovators was the Spanish architect Octavio Mendoza, who recently finished building a clay mansion called “Casa Terracotta” – the author himself, however, informally calls him “a large piece of pottery”, since the house is entirely made of clay, baked in the sun .


The construction was started almost fifteen years ago and ended only now – firstly, the house was built by hand, and secondly, its area exceeds five hundred square meters.


However, although the new house was built on a very ancient technology, it provides virtually all the benefits of civilization, such as toilet and bathroom, solar panels that provide the owner with hot water, as well as a kitchen equipped with everything necessary, both furniture and kitchen Utensils are made of the same biblical material, from which, as you know, the first person was created.


In the house there is almost no item made of other material – well, the author has achieved his and proved that the construction of a dwelling of environmentally friendly and at the same time affordable material is absolutely possible today, especially in desert areas where there are all conditions for such Construction.



Another important argument in favor of such construction is the possibility to immediately update the interior, as soon as the owner feels the desire to change the scenery. By the way, you can learn how to make clay furniture in master classes that the owner of a new house spends for everyone along with excursions to his unusual home: although the owner does not live there permanently, the doors of his clay mansion are always open to visitors – Way to justify even small, but costs.

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