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Perfect entertainment: arcade machines on order !

Gamers all over the world know such an invention as an arcade machine that allows you to run the appropriate games. It is on such devices that for the first time many popular computer toys have appeared.

Despite the development of the gaming industry, the emergence of modern consoles, consoles and the ability to play on computers, true fans of this type of entertainment want to buy an arcade machine – it’s he who identifies a real gaming world.


Moreover, today these devices are assembled on the basis of modern gaming consoles or computers, which allows you to load into them both old, time-tested games, and modern developments.

You can use the arcade machine as for personal purposes, installing it at home and having fun with family or friends, and in commercial, setting it in a public institution:

  • a cafe;

  • Bar;

  • Office, etc.


What does the arcade machine involve?

These devices in most cases have a standard design. In particular, they consist of:

  • Monitor located either horizontally or vertically;

  • Board and other “stuffing”, providing the work of the machine;

  • Sources of electric power supply;

  • The control panel of the game process.

These are the main components that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay and enjoy it.

Naturally, the appearance of automata can vary significantly. For example, they have several types. The most popular is the vertical case, which has a number of advantages:

  • The control panel is just above the level of the belt, due to which the hands are located in a convenient position;

  • The display is located directly at eye level – the neck and head of the gamer are in the most convenient, natural position and do not get tired.

     Want a cool arcade machine?



If you are attracted to arcade machines 90 x, you can buy them from the studio iFish. The company is engaged in the creation of these devices on request. You will get a perfectly stylized retro-style machine, in which all your favorite toys will be installed. This can be the very first games released back in the early seventies of the last century and game development for the first PlayStation console.



For example, among such games mention is deserved by the well-known Tanchiki, Super Contra and many others. Including, exclusive arcade games, previously not used in our country.

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