5 Cities To Which Millenialsi Is Most Likely To Move

Where do you want to live in Millenialsi? There are criteria like internet speed and quality of food. See the 5 cities that lead in the most popular choice as a place of residence for the Y generation.

We live in a world of rankings. This year we have already learned where the highest quality of life is, which countries women can safely travel alone, and what tourist attractions are most popular in the given country.

This time the researchers took the magnifying glass to no one else, and the Millenials and tempted to indicate the most popular cities to which the Y generation is carried out.

The study was commissioned by the German holiday search engine Nestpick. Matters such as gender equality, quality of night life, successful start-ups counted. Here are the results:

1. Amsterdam, the Netherlands


2. Berlin, Germany


3. Munich, Germany


4. Lisbon, Portugal


5. Antwerp, Belgium


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