10 brand new buildings. Let’s have a look at it. Who wants to know the brand. How do you market through architecture? Let’s see how cool it is. Each brand has a distinctive design. The eye of the building…

10. Building a large shoe box.

Adidas Shoebox Pop-Up Store in Barcelona, ​​Spain, sees a shoe box with this brand. I know that inside the building. Must be related to shoes is definitely. Then do not be disappointed. It is a famous.

09. Building a large pineapple

Big Pineapple Building in South America A large pineapple shaped building. Look, I know the product is inevitable pineapple sure. So it’s true. Because this building. The building of pineapple manufacturers.

08. Large Orange Building.

The building of Gibeau Orange Julep in Montreal, Canada, is a large orange-like spherical building. Tell me that the business is about orange sure enough.

07. Big Guitar Buildings

The Grand Guitar in Tennessee, USA. Building a large guitar. Do not guess, I know the inside of the instrument certainly. Then it’s true. Because inside this building. Is a guitar store in the United States.

06. Large Machine building.

Is a building of United Equipment in Torquay, California. United States What is the building that tells you what’s inside? I see it already.

05. Big Boots Buildings.

Building of the Big Shoe Repair shoe store in Bakersfield, California, USA..

04. Building a large beer tank.

The building of Tonneau Bistro & Bar in Okinawa, Japan. Tell me that inside the bar business. Beverages.

03. Large Sanitary Buildings.

The building of the Toilet Museum in South Korea. Museum of the bathroom itself.

02 A large teapot and tea set.

It is the building of the Meitan Tea Museum in China, where the shape of the building tells us what is inside.

01. Big Donut Building.

It is the building of The Donut Hole at La Puente in California, USA. Donut factory Just saw the picture and guessed it.

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