A cafetria for the faculty of architecture & design was to be Designed as a renovation for the space. Modern and artistic ideas were welcomed and supported for the Cafeteria, replacing an old and traditional designed one. The location of the site was directly adjacent to a garden which Comes before the shoar of the black sea. So “nature” was another Keyword to consider during designing.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2022

Architect: Gaith Rahwanji

University: Bahcesehir University

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As mentioned before, multiple keywords ,surrounds this project as a concept The adjacency to the green area and the Belonging to the architectural faculty Made it a bit easier to determine Design approaches within the space An artistic place was needed with a use For natural materials, like timber The results were quiet interesting for The schools cafeteria.

To make a clear and Flexible circulation I’ve had to design A squared center in The middle of the Space which connects Between the left cor-ridor’s Door and the Garden’s door and In addition with axis Lines of the two Stairs which are the Entrances to the Cafeteria.

I began my design approach by Solving the levels problem, so this double-faced seating Unit was a result after long thinking. I’ve had to use the Same materials, and play with the form of the seats with curved And continous wooden slabs that perform an element by repetition. The rest for the ceiling was to enhance the beauty of this custome furnture And convert the space into an art piece which reflects Nature and presents our faculty of architecture & design.

Eduwik- Online Courses for Architects & Designers

[author title=”Gaith Rahwanji” image=”https://www.re-thinkingthefuture.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Gaith-Rahwanji.jpg”]Born on 1992, the young syrian architect has moved from Damascus in 2012 where he was born and raised in, Leaving his former university, “Arab International University”, To continue his bachelor degree at “Bahcesehir University”, Department of interior architecture and environmental design. And has graduated from.  His dedication and love for his profession made him design multiple outstanding projects during his degree. The “Aurora Borealis” entertainment space and his school architectural department’s cafeteria design were his most successful ones. Gaith is currently working at “NRP” architectural firm in Istanbul. As he believes that a scuccessful project should be “correct” at the first place, and it should fulfill the users needs and priorities. Every site and every society has it’s own needs and environment. Our job is to know what these needs are, understand them, and then fulfill them with the help of our knowledge and talent.[/author]


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Rethinking The Future Awards 2022