MVRDV unveiled a new high-level installation labeled as “The Podium” in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 

This installation represents the ambition of Het Nieuwe Instituut in increasing knowledge about architecture; following MVRDV’s tradition in rooftop programming to demonstrate making better use of the city’s rooftops and allowing for sustainable development with better water management, greenery and needed function contributing to a better future for cities’ that will be like a suction of oxygen within the urban fabric.

Pink-Colored Staircase And Stage designed on The Roof Of Het Nieuwe Instituut by MVRDV - Sheet1
Aerial View of The Podium_©
Pink-Colored Staircase And Stage designed on The Roof Of Het Nieuwe Instituut by MVRDV - Sheet2
Staircase and roof platform_©

The Podium is a 143-step external staircase that leads to the 29 m high platform on the roof of the Het Nieuwe Instuut, offering a completely new way of experiencing the city with a panoramic view overlooking the city of Rotterdam; with the most striking feature being its use of bright pink.

“We want to draw more attention to this second layer of the city through color and special installations: if we make it greener, more sustainable, and more connected, the city will become more livable for everyone.” Said Architect Guys Ricken, MVRDV’s Deputy Director of Design.

Pink-Colored Staircase And Stage designed on The Roof Of Het Nieuwe Instituut by MVRDV - Sheet3
Scaffolding structure_©

The 600m2 platform is a temporary meeting space made as environmentally friendly as possible with the use of scaffolding for its structure and recyclable flooring. 

The Podium was designed with the aim to enable a rooftops usage that has never been accessible to the public before, improve visibility and to attract additional attention to the exhibition of MVRDV works now on display on the top floor of the HNI, labeled as “MVRDVGNI: Living archive of the studio.

The need to create an alternative access path via a large external staircase came due to the work happening in the public space outside the museum with the main entrance to Het Nieuwe Instituut being less visible and reachable. The podium was designed to be accessible to all either through the external staircase and elevator or through the internal access of the Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Pink-Colored Staircase And Stage designed on The Roof Of Het Nieuwe Instituut by MVRDV - Sheet4
Rooftop Panoramic View _©

The Podium opened on June 1st and will run through until August 17th; forming the heart of the Rotterdam Architecture Month Festival, where throughout the month the installation will be the epicenter of the festival, and host lectures, tours, films, and other activities focused on architecture.

The main exhibition of the festival will also take place in one of the galleries of Het Nieuwe Instituut. Consequently, The World Around: the leading conference in the field of contemporary architecture and design is also another part of the festival’s versatile programming.

In the remaining two months this space would be open for a majority of other activities such as sports classes, yoga classes, jazz nights, programs specifically designed for children including summer camps and rooftop dinners.

The Rooftop Walk has symbolic and educational objectives, with the intention of showing people the potential of rooftops and the need to make better use of them. 

Pink-Colored Staircase And Stage designed on The Roof Of Het Nieuwe Instituut by MVRDV - Sheet5
Carpet usage_©

The carpet’s extensive use of programming will also give visitors a better awareness of the possibilities on roofs while preventing an urban sprawl “from a platform for drones that deliver parcels, thus reducing traffic jams, to rooftop gardens and various solutions for water storage in a small village”.

MVRDV Opens The Podium_©

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