Gurgaon-based luxury interior concepts and custom design company MADS Creations has launched a new kid’s room that is nothing short of a wonderland that offers many playful activities for its little owner.

Project Name: Wonderland’ of a Kid’s Room
Studio Name: MADS Creations

 Wonderland' of a Kid's Room by MADS Creations - Sheet1
©MADS Creations

Imagine a tubular slide that you can climb onto and glide straight into a ball pit in your own room? That’s every child’s dream. But MADS Creations has made it possible. Taking advantage of the large size of the room, they have installed a slide that the kid can approach using a staircase and then land into a ball pit. The fully carpeted room is safe for the child to have any kind of physical activity.

©MADS Creations

That’s not the only attraction of this kid’s room. It’s conceived in pastel shades with pops of brightness and niches holding toys. Custom-designed furniture with rounded corners ensures comfort and safety. The spectacular lights and the tactile textiles create an exciting environment, while the lighting evokes a calming vibe.

About The Brand

MADS Creations, founded by Meenu Agarwal in 2002, is a leading luxury interiors and decor firm offering end-to-end, turnkey solutions. Crafted with custom-created furniture and furnishings, we endeavor to deliver through our interiors a refined lifestyle to those who desire to live artistically, surrounded by grace and elegance. Our comprehensive design solutions bring a touch of global aesthetics to residences, corporate spaces and hospitality sector. Our residential projects include farmhouses, estates, villas, bungalows, apartments and pent houses. Authentic designs are combined with innovative ideas and new tech to create glamorous and stylish spaces.


With Meenu as the creative head, MADS Creations has delivered some spectacular, high-end interior design solutions, as well as a collection of stunning furniture, accessories and decor pieces that are completely client-oriented. What sets our over 200 projects apart, is the complete in-house capability to produce all furnishings and paraphernalia required for a project. A team of proficient designers supported by an unparalleled manufacturing support enables us to handle multiple projects at the same time in a timely manner.


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